Immigartion decree trump “backfired” airlines around the world

Airline world review the composition of crews on flights to the United States in connection with the ban on the entry of the citizens from Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan 90 days, writes The Wall Street Journal.

So, Emirates Airline (UAE, Dubai), ranked first in the world in terms of international passenger traffic, has announced the expulsion of citizens of these States from among the pilots and flight attendants on aircraft bound for the United States.

Etihad Airways (UAE, Abu Dhabi) noted that currently, the ban does not affect her employees, but she is taking measures to prevent the occurrence of problems in the coming weeks. In presidential administration of the USA do not exclude that the ban could be extended to other countries.

In addition, airlines in Europe, Asia and Africa are forced to refuse admission to Board passengers who are nationals of States covered by the ban. According to Air France-KLM, Saturday and Sunday a number of passengers exceeding 20 people.

Representatives of EgyptAir, said that the U.S. imposed restrictions not bring enough clarity to the question of who can be allowed to fly, so the airline began direct passenger lists to the us authorities in advance to receive confirmation.

As reported, the US President, Donald trump January 27, signed a decree on the suspension of the programme of reception for 120 days, including the Syrian – for an indefinite period. The decree also stipulates the prohibition of entry into the U.S. citizens of the seven predominantly Muslim countries (Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan) at 90 days with the possibility of extension. The list can be extended, reported the press service of the White house.

Federal courts in at least five States over the weekend suspended the decree in terms of immediate deportation of those who have already entered the country.

Certain mitigate possible for holders of double citizenship or residence permit in the USA with the right to employment (green card), however statements by us authorities on these matters contradict each other. So, the head of the presidential apparatus of Primus Raines said in an interview with NBC that the ban on entry into the United States to citizens of the seven Islamic countries does not apply to holders of green cards. Thus, he denied the earlier statement by the press Secretary of the Ministry of internal security of the United States, Gillian Christensen, said that the ban will be imposed in respect of holders of a green card.

The U.S. state Department explained that the trump decree applies to foreign citizens with dual citizenship, except in those cases where one of your passports – American.