Nascent friendship trump and Macron

On Thursday morning, the plane with Donald trump and his entourage sat in the Paris airport. The American President arrived in France at the invitation of his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, to take part in celebrations on the occasion of Bastille Day. At first glance, these two people are complete opposite of each other, but recent events have shown that arise between them closer and more friendly relations than at first was expected by the reviewers. Macron is close to becoming a foreign friend of trump number one.

Initially sent the us President an invitation to the French national holiday, many regarded as just another PR stunt occupant of the Elysee Palace, which once returned the greeting of tramp steel hands. The may poll showed that more than 80% of the French frown magnate from new York. And the Washington Post on Wednesday noted that trump in recent years, often releases unpleasant remarks about Paris (including hints at presidential friend “Jim”, the existence of which is not known).

“Visit trump… has caused a mixed reaction in France. The American President has a terrible reputation here, and that’s an understatement,” says Cecil ALDE (Cecile Alduy), working at Stanford University. “In France, Donald trump the most unpopular American President in history, and his invitation to visit Paris this symbolic day will be an occasion for harsh criticism of the French President,” adds Vincent Michelet (Vincent Michelot) from the Institute of political studies.

But trump made an astute and cunning counter-move, accepting the offer of Macron. “President trump tends to confirm the close relationship of America with France… and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of America’s entry into the First world war”, — stated in made in late June, a White house statement. Michelet argues that if trump this year did not come, would be a big scandal: “the Absence of a senior us delegation at the military parade on 14 July, and in a time when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of America’s entry into the First world war, would send a disastrous signal.”

And from the point of view of the administration, to Trump, it is useful to get out of Washington, because this week there are even more disturbing revelations of contacts between its operatives and Moscow. “When there are scandals, presidents are usually looking for an opportunity to show that they are not prisoners of the White house,” says Larry Sabato (Larry Sabato) from the University of Virginia. — Nothing is more presidential than foreign Affairs and visits. Nixon, Reagan and Clinton — they all used the opportunity to go to international forums, when there was a scandal”.

But the intrigue increased signs that national-populist trump, causing irritation in the international arena, and cosmopolitan macron calling for the EU and liberal democracy can in fact get along. A senior administration official said Tuesday to reporters in Washington that the two leaders have repeatedly talked after the victory of the Macron in the April election, and this allowed them to abandon the official talks held last week the summit of “Big twenty”, as they are already well acquainted with each other. The white house has repeatedly said that the first contacts between the two presidents inspire great optimism, there are indications that this is not just flashy PR team trump. Inflated the popularity of Macron in France and in the world also gives him more freedom of action in relations with the American President, which in Western Europe has gained a reputation as outcasts.

So, the British Parliament more than a year leads to a tedious debate about whether or not to allow Trump to go to the UK and debate these began when he was a candidate. Macron made a hasty decision to invite trump to Paris, where the American President will visit the Elysee Palace and eat lobster at the Eiffel tower. “Sometimes trump taking unpleasant decisions, for example the climate, but to treat it we can different. We can say that you don’t want to talk to him and can lend him a hand and return it to our circle, said government spokesman Christoph Kastner (Christophe Castaner), speaking on French news channel LCI. — Makron symbolically handed Trump his hand.”

Euronews claims to be a biography of Makron, who worked at the investment Bank Rothschild (it caused some controversy during the campaign) and economy Minister, also makes him a more natural partner to trump. “Both have the political interest in establishing close relations, and both have experience in corporate business that will help them strengthen relationships,” notes Euronews. Even more they bring together the fact that the macron is almost fluent in English, and does it openly, unlike other French politicians, who for political reasons aggressively emphasize how dear the French language. Observers say that trump very often refuses to transfer and from the headphones when dealing with foreign leaders, which of course kills all the chances of memorization of information and transmission of meaning.

And in July, macron said that in Syria there is no obvious replacement to Bashar al-Assad. Thus, he returned to his former position, and showed that close in their ratings for Trump, who from time to time endorses the sentiment of this kind, although in April dealt a blow to Syrian troops. “Only Nixon could go to China, and only the Makron could bring France out of the camp of supporters of Assad’s departure, making it so that anybody and did not blink”, — commented on the statement by French President publishing Russia Insider.

But there is something more: the Makron appears classic liberal tendencies. 39-year-old President, who until April had never held elected office, is a proud centrist, who came to power at a fairly young age in the unique circumstances. The fact that he fought and prevailed over an aggressive nationalist marine Le Pen, has caused excitement among a significant part of the left-wing liberals, who saw in Him a sort of bulwark against barbarism. But it is not very similar to left, except for his bellicose statements about climate science.

Conservative Edward Philip, appointed Him as Prime Minister, this week appeared on the pages of the Financial Times with comments that need to kill the hopes of all supporters of the new President from among the socialists. “When it was suggested that the government’s plans to make the labour market more flexible, tax cuts and the emphasis on limiting government spending — it’s all action right, Philip laughed. “Well, what did you expect?” he said”.

“It’s unclear how a big supporter of globalization and immigration is the macron, said Scott McConnell (Scott McConnell) from the American Conservative. — Of course, during the campaign he stuck to these positions. But it seems that him no more former French presidents wants to allow the construction camps in Northern Paris. That joke with the song “Quass-Kvass”, which he delivered with the included microphone, says that the macron is not very deeply and sincerely imbued with the Anglo-American political correctness”.

Now macron popular, but soon the former Minister of the party of socialists may be subjected to attacks from the left flank. The final result of the visit of the American President “unclear”, said the ALDE from Stanford. “Famous “male” handshake Rules and trump the previous meeting did not bring tangible results to the French President, in addition to symbolic. Trump still came out of the Paris agreement. The relationship between them can grow warmer, but most importantly concrete political agreement,” she said. But both him and trump won an incredible victory in the elections, and they are both realists. This could be, to use a favorite word of trump, a good start of a beautiful relationship, in the Syrian issue, and trade issues.

Kurt mills is a reporter for the National Interest on international Affairs.