If sex during pregnancy: scientific answer

The question of whether to have sex during pregnancy care as women themselves and their partners. It turns out that making love during pregnancy is possible, and it will not only not detrimental, but even beneficial for the expectant mother and the child, says Lisa.

Sex in the first trimester of pregnancy

At this time do not recommend practice very intense lovemaking: during this period, often there is the danger of miscarriage is hormonal changes the body. Early morning sickness and weakness do not particularly contribute to the surge of sensuality.

But this does not mean that the partners at this time are forced to move away from each other. Affection and care is needed. And the unpleasant “side effects” the first three months are not observed in all. And you can enjoy the moment to worry about the protection is no longer necessary, and the size of the tummy still allow you to experiment with poses.

Sex during the second trimester of pregnancy

This period usually comes in the flourishing intimate life. Many women just on this stage reach the peak of their sensuality. This is due to the increased blood flow to the pelvis and changes in the genitals that are “preparing for motherhood”. The couple is ready to revive the feelings of the honeymoon. Although, again, “explosion of passion” occurs not at all, individually.

As for the technology itself exertions, she was now, of course, is changing. Rounded waistline dictates certain precautions: do not push, do not make any sudden movements… will bring a lot of insecure men is not: the partner she usually feels like she is.

Sex in third trimester of pregnancy

The child is already very active and concern for health increases, the woman in their experiences moving away from a partner, but she still needs support, warmth and affection.

In the last weeks before birth doctors usually recommend couples to suffer with bed pleasures. First, increasing risk to introduce into the uterine cavity any infection. Secondly, the reassurance from the possibility of premature birth. For this reason, some impatient couples yourself “prescribed” making love, when the time has come, or birth a little delayed.

But at 7-8 months (if all goes well and there is no real reason to worry) special interference, for there is no love. The most natural sexual position for that period – on his side, back to the partner (“spoon”). Another quite convenient, but less familiar pose – the woman on the lap of the partner back to him. These provisions, among other things, prevent the affection of the chest, which during the waiting for a baby is especially sensitive to touch.