“This is the most difficult task, but we’ll manage”

The US President Donald trump and the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu met at the hotel “Hamelech David” in Jerusalem before going out to dinner together with their spouses, Melanie and Sarah.

Once the official residence of the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu, Melania and Donald trump were invited to sign the guest book, after which the couple Netanyahu presented them with a gift — a book of the Tanakh, and in the course of a tour of the house introduced his son, Yair Netanyahu.

“We’ve known for years and are always happy to meet,’ said Netanyahu at the beginning of his speech. You were at the Wailing Wall, one of the shrines of Judaism, was in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. You are the first President who visited the Wailing Wall, and I really appreciate it”.

“We had an exceptional conversation. I believe that we well understand each other — continued Netanyahu. I want You to know how much we appreciate the change of political course of the USA towards Iran, which You said an hour ago. We respect Your brave stance on chemical weapons in Syria. Arab leaders with whom You met, can change the environment and conditions that will lead to real peace. Well noted Your historical visit.”

President trump said in turn that “words cannot convey the depth of the experience at the Wailing Wall. It made an impression on me for life”. Then he added that “today our country back together. It’s a friendship built on our love for freedom, human rights, common hope for Israel and for a sustainable peace. We want peace in Israel. But we’re more than friends, we are allies. We have a huge number of possibilities, but we have to implement them together.”

“During my visit to Saudi Arabia, I met many leaders of the Arab and Islamic world, — said trump. We share with them the concerns of the IG (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and Iran, the extremism that is rapidly spreading in many parts of the Islamic world. I’m happy to cooperate in the fight against terrorism and ideology of hatred. Our collaboration will ensure the region’s security and the security of the United States and around the world, and will allow you to resume the peace process the Palestinians and Israel. This is our most challenging task, but I have a feeling that in the end we will achieve. U.S. ready to help”.

In the framework of his visit the US President went tonight (may 23 — approx. ed.) for a short meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the hotel. At the meeting, trump promised that “Iran will never be nuclear weapons.” He also denied statements, if mentioned Israel at the meeting with the Russians, to whom he allegedly passed classified information.

Trump announced this, answering the questions of numerous journalists in the room who were asked to comment on the situation with Russia. “I never said the word “Israel”, I didn’t mention it during the conversation, I want it to be clear, the President said. For me it’s an honor to be here to be the first President who visited the Wailing Wall”.

“Iran should be thanking US for signing the agreement with him, but instead of thanks had serious problems on this case — said trump. — Iran will never be nuclear weapons, I can guarantee”.


As reported this evening, the White House, trump arrived in Israel in order to “counter the negative influence of Iran in the region and to build an even stronger Alliance with Israel.” In addition, the White House noted that “peace with the Palestinians is possible, this requires a new approach to the process, along with a new approach on the part of the Arab world”.

Parallel to the summit leaders, the U.S. President’s wife Melania and the wife of the Prime Minister of Israel, Sarah visited the medical center “Hadassah Ein Kerem”, Jerusalem. Shortly before their visit, parents of children with cancer wrote a letter to Melania trump and Sarah Netanyahu, please visit the Department of geneontology, which should soon be closed by decree of the General Director of the hospital Zeev Rothstein.


So enjoyed my visit to the Hadassah Medical Center w/the Mrs.Netanyahu. The children had such open hearts, strong spirits & inquisitive minds. pic.twitter.com/G68BDHzEiD

— Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) may 22, 2017.

A little earlier, Melania trump wrote in his Twitter: “Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Rivlin for a warm welcome in your home, and thank you for showing us your beautiful gardens.”

This afternoon, Donald trump arrived to the Wailing Wall without the presence of Israeli politicians. The President and members of his family prayed and left a note. Spouse Melania trump and his daughter Ivanka prayed in the female part, and his daughter, a Jewess, even shed a tear. For the first time in history the US President is visiting this sacred place.


Ever Stronger
חזקים תמיד
???? pic.twitter.com/Ecf5p4HjfZ

— Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu) 22 may 2017


Earlier, after an impressive ceremony of welcome at the airport Ben-Gurion trump went to Jerusalem by helicopter and from there to the presidential house for a meeting with President Reuven Rivlin. During their meeting, trump told Rivlin: “I need a final agreement. I sent you the best man, David Friedman (US Ambassador in Israel — approx. ed.)”. Rivlin replied: “First of all a need for a supportive trust steps. Twice we went to bed, dreaming about the world, and woke up from a nightmare. This can’t happen again”.