The Russians laugh at US, and not just trump

President Donald trump has only half wrong, when last week it tweeted: “Russia must be secretly laughing, watching US tear ourselves apart.” But Russian officials laugh quite frankly.

Trolling, Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov on the occasion of the dismissal of FBI Director James Komi (James Comey) was relatively mild: clearly fake surprise Lavrov, which he painted when he was informed about the dismissal, could be taken for a polite refusal of a diplomat from the discussion of US domestic politics.

This week, however, Russian jokes about the USA became openly unpleasant. First, President Vladimir Putin proposed to grant the U.S. Congress the record of the conversation Lavrov with trump, during which the US President allegedly revealed highly classified information (the word “record” used by Putin is not exactly a transcript, as the Kremlin claimed later). This proposal, of course, was a blatant mockery: it is simply impossible to imagine that Congress addressed such a request to Putin. The U.S. lawmakers have tried to respond to Putin in the same coin: Senator Marco Rubio (Marco Rubio) said that if Putin will send this information by e-mail, he “would not open the attachment”.

Then on Thursday, may 18, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia posted a short video of the meeting of Lavrov with Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland (Thorbjorn Jagland). While they were posing for the photographer, Norwegian politician quipped: “I hope you will not have problems because of these photos?” This Frank allusion to the outrage that followed the publication of the photographs from the meeting trump and Lavrov, the Russian foreign Minister said, “it All depends on what secrets you’ll give me.” All present laughed at this remark: obviously, in Europe learned to understand the Russian humor.

I understand why Putin and his subordinates continue to have fun. The disorder and confusion resulting from overlapping investigations, leaks, painful cries and curses from supporters and opponents of trump, from the point of view of Putin and Lavrov, Moscow is very reminiscent of the 1990-ies, when President Boris Yeltsin — a clumsy populist, something similar to trump’s fought against the Soviet “deep state”, while his family filled his pockets and tried to influence its decisions. By the way, Yeltsin was threatened with impeachment for alleged “crimes”, which included the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Of course, Putin does not like the mess of democracy. After coming to power in 2000, he has taken care to ensure that this mess never occurred in Russia. Especially revealing is his statement about what is happening in the US, with which he made this week:

To me, you know what is surprising? They are rocking the political situation in the United States under anti-Russian slogans. They either don’t understand what harm our country and then they are just stupid or they understand everything, and then they are dangerous and unscrupulous people.

But this does not mean that he is wrong as to what impact these scandals have on the ability of the US to maintain its special place in the world. The headlines in the us media shout that the administration of the tramp falling apart. From the point of view of Americans, it is all the result of mistakes trump. But the rest of the world — not just Russians — it is clear that this entire national mess, the result of American weakness.

Klaus-Dieter Frankenberger (Klaus-Dieter Frankenberger) wrote in his article published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

Vladimir Putin can only laugh at the political chaos in Washington. To understand why this is happening. But the damage to democratic institutions, as well as the trivialization of the presidential administration is not a laughing matter.

The current media circus that enhances every misstep trump and forces him again and again to be wrong, different from the previous global spectacle equally epic proportions, namely from the controversy when President bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky (Monica Lewinsky). The scandal was linked to sexual indiscretion — that is, the fact that outside of the United States is not perceived as serious as in America. The current scandal revolves around the recurring accusations against politicians and US officials, which, according to many, carrying out the will of foreign powers. Enemies accuse him of trump is not that he cheats on his wife. They call it mentally challenged, incapable of running the country, easily influenced by foreign leaders such as Putin. Despite the fact that so far there is no evidence that the team trump have entered into an agreement with Russia last year, the constant repetition of these allegations convinces people that the American institutions are unable to stop foreign invasion, and still fail, because the buzz around the investigation far exceeds all that was they discovered. To outsiders it seems that the people who are supposed to protect the Western world, instead of fighting among themselves, trying to create each other serious problems.

Now, while trump is preparing for his first overseas trip, it’s not the pre-is, in which the United States is not a trump, as is his country — really need. During his visit to Washington on Thursday, may 18, foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel (Sigmar Gabriel) announced this idea, albeit in a more friendly tone than the Russian.

“You — the citizens of this superpower and if America overly focused on its internal problems in the international sphere there is a vacuum,” said Gabriel.

Reporters for the Washington Post voiced similar concerns under the heading in which they — not surprisingly — accused in the ongoing trump, and not other powers: “European leaders fear that political chaos around the trump undermines the power of the United States”.

Before the elections in the U.S. Congress, only 17 months. It’s too early for the passions, which is typical for Washington in pre-election periods. Trump in any case remain in power for some time. He needed a break, to his obvious panic is not caused to U.S. interests even more damage. Political enemies also trump needs to understand that they do not bring US any benefit, mussiruya not yet proven and extremely serious charges. Investigators need silence if we want the investigation has led at least to some results. And the rest of the world needs a strong America, not a soap Opera, the plot of which becomes increasingly difficult to keep track, because it is more about the political and legal detail. Now first of all we need seriousness, common sense, and less useless cries.