Due to virus attacks Petya in Ukraine changed the Tax code

The Verkhovna Rada has introduced amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine. For adoption of bill No. 6684 voted 254 deputies.

The document provides for the exemption of taxpayers from penalties for late registration of tax invoices due to a cyberattack that occurred in late June.

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Also, taxpayers are exempt from penalties for late registration of tax invoices drawn up in the period 1 to 30 June. The opportunity to register such taxes and the excise invoices have until July 31.

Recall, 27 June, Ukraine was the largest hacker attack. Virus Petya.A, which has encrypted all the data on the computer and demanded a ransom, porail have a network of several organizations, including the state. According to ESET, the Ukraine had most of the virus attacks Petya – 75,24% of all.