Bill Clinton intervened in Russian elections in the interests of Yeltsin

September 2016.

Election campaign with Hillary Clinton and Donald trump is in full swing. And the master program of the TV station Newsmax TV called America Talks Live maltsberga (Steve malzberg show) sensational news. But for some curious reason, in July 2017, this sensation of Malzberg almost a year ago as if lost in the swirl of news about Russia and trump. And especially strongly it has lost in the last stream of exciting stories about Donald trump Jr.

I repeat. It was sensational news Newsmax. Almost a year ago. Here’s her header:

Dick Morris: bill Clinton in 1996, gave advice to Russian President Boris Yeltsin

Here are some key points from the report by Newsmax correspondent Jason Devaney (Devaney Jason):

President bill Clinton in the 1990s, the years interfered in the internal Affairs of Russia and helped Boris Yeltsin to be reelected for a second term, what Newsmax TV said political analyst dick Morris (Dick Morris)…

“On Saturday, Hillary [Clinton] made a speech and warned [Russian President Vladimir] Putin on the inadmissibility of intervention in the American elections. Of foreign interference, says the FBI, and it also warns Obama, said Morris. Is reminiscent of what happened in 1996.”

“When I worked for Clinton, he called me and said, “I want the President of Russia elected Yeltsin, not his opponent from the Communist Gennady Zyuganov”. Putin has been an important supporter of Zyuganov…”

“We, Clinton and I, all carefully dismantled and analyzed, and then bill called the hotline to Yeltsin and told him what election commercials have to show where you have to campaign, what positions to stick. In fact, he became a political adviser of Yeltsin.”

“I think that Putin didn’t like it, he hated it, thought it was an unacceptable interference of bill Clinton. And I think he is determined to vent his displeasure at Hillary Clinton and avenge her.”

In other words?

Forget Donald trump — how about the President and about his son. Morris ascribes to Putin dissatisfaction with Hillary Clinton, but it’s not Hillary Clinton. The thing is — bill Clinton. As well as his decision directly and personally intervene in the Russian presidential election.

Let’s look at the January edition of the British Telegraph 2010. In one of the articles talking about some Tatiana Yumasheva. Is the daughter of Boris Yeltsin. Read the heading:

The daughter of Boris Yeltsin criticizes Vladimir Putin

What’s the point? When Russian President Yeltsin and his henchman Vladimir Putin were allies. Yeltsin favored Putin and made him his successor. But there were problems. Next to Telegraph says about Yeltsin’s daughter, Tatyana Yumasheva:

She makes it clear that her father is not in itself of course, which in recent years has undertaken Putin. “Some (of what Putin is doing) causes him confusion and irritation”, — she declared in interview to the Russian magazine “Medved”. As an example, Yumashev brought the Soviet national anthem, which Yeltsin banned as an echo of the Stalin era. Putin and his partially revived.

“Of course, he (Yeltsin) something did not like Vladimir (Putin), she added. I know, and the father many times told me that in his opinion, the next President should be politician of a new generation with democratic views.”

It turns out that there is some tension between the mentor Yeltsin and Putin disciple. And if you go back to interview of Malzberg with Dick Morris, it turns out that none other than the President of the United States bill Clinton personally intervened in the presidential elections in Russia. And helped him in and helped one of his top aides — analyst dick Morris.

Let us recall the statement by Morris:

“I think that Putin didn’t like it, he hated it, thought it was an unacceptable interference of bill Clinton. And I think he is determined to vent his displeasure at Hillary Clinton and avenge her.”

So. What do we have here?

And we have this. United States President bill Clinton deliberately, premeditated, and personally interfered in the elections of the Russian President. The winner of those elections and became President Boris Yeltsin. Which after some time was offended by his disciple and successor, Vladimir Putin.

Now fast rewind time for 2016.

This year we have the Almighty Russian President Vladimir Putin. His mentor and ex-President Boris Yeltsin has long been gone in history. And whom President Putin sees as a possible new President of the USA? Hillary Clinton, wife of the American President, which humiliated Russia, personally interfering in its presidential elections. And the instincts of Putin to guess is very easy: it’s revenge.

What’s the point? When Russian President Yeltsin and his henchman Vladimir Putin were allies. But Putin favored the Communist Zyuganov, not Yeltsin. But bill Clinton did everything in order to collude with Yeltsin. Where was Donald trump? In new York, was in real estate. The same and his young son don Jr. Before the release of the TV series “the Apprentice” was still eight long years. And to President Clinton personally intervene in the Russian presidential election at hand.

What I want to say?

You always have to be careful what you wish for. Democrats are demanding an investigation into ties trump and Russia. Right now? Yes, now, and they make the ridiculous assumption that actions don trump Jr. somehow prove the fact of collusion with the Russians. Grand old party time widely open doors and start the investigation of the collusion of the Clinton-Russia. And I’m not talking just about the machinations of the Clinton Foundation, about the outrages Hillary as Secretary of state, or about relationships, her assistant John Podestà.

It’s time to hold accountable the ex-President bill Clinton. And Dick Morris. And former President Obama, Susan rice and all the rest.

Again, as they say? Be careful what you wish for.

Each step in the investigation of Donald trump younger must be accompanied by the extension of the investigation on the facts of bill Clinton’s intervention in the long-past Russian presidential election. And still it is necessary to examine the consequences for America in 2016, as a result of this intervention.

We must remember the famous words of the late Senator Howard Baker of Tennessee, who worked in the Commission for the investigation of the Watergate scandal.

It is clear that President Clinton had conspired with the Russians to manipulate the Russian presidential election. I knew President Clinton, and when he found out about it?