The bill on sanctions against Russia causing concern in the White house

Washington – Now that the White house was faced with new circumstances, concerning relations of members of the electoral headquarters of the trump with Russia, Congress has been bogged down in debate about how much authority to give the President in case of a possible easing of sanctions against Moscow.


Despite concerns of White house and state Department, the Senate last month approved the bill on sanctions against Iran and Russia by an overwhelming majority (98 in favor and 2 against).


The bill establishes the sanctions imposed by President Barack Obama in response to hacker attacks on computer networks of government officials-Democrats in the presidential campaign of 2016. The chief of us intelligence, the attacks were committed on the orders of Vladimir Putin to support the election campaign trump.


This law effectively would have restricted freedom of action of trump, who throughout his election campaign, praised Putin and called him “smart” because he did not impose sanctions in response to the restrictive measures taken by Obama. If the President attempted to lift the sanctions, Congress could revoke its decision.

But now the bill is stuck in the House of representatives because of the struggle between congressional Democrats and Republicans, which develops into an extensive discussion about the President’s policies toward Russia.


This week, the fight involved the administration of a trump, declaring that the law should give Trump more freedom so he could negotiate with Russia without the approval of Congress.


Director of legislative activities at the White house mark Shorts (Marc for Short) told journalists on Monday that the bill is legally “creates an unusual precedent for the delegation of foreign policy 535 members of Congress. It does not provide for exceptions due to national security concerns (giving the President the right to amend the regime of sanctions based on its understanding of national interests — approx. lane), which has always been a permanent part of the sanctions bills in the past.”


In the version of the bill proposed by the House of representatives, made a significant change limiting the Supervisory powers of the Congress. In accordance with this change, a resolution opposing the President’s actions, if he tries to ease the sanctions may make the discussion not any member of Congress, and only the speaker of the house.


The Democrats oppose this amendment and say that it has been added to the text of the bill by the Republicans due to the fact that the bill displeases the White house.


“I continue to talk with my colleagues-Republicans, discussing with them the bill on sanctions against Russia, says the second-highest Democrat in the House of representatives Steni Hoyer (Hoyer Wall) from Maryland. — I believe that this issue can be resolved quickly. I hope the Republican leadership will work with us on solving this issue and that this week we will put the bill to a vote. I hope a majority vote of the representatives of both parties.”


Republicans argue that the consideration of the bill delay the Democrats. Press Secretary of speaker of the house Paul Ryan (Paul Ryan), Ashley strong (AshLee Strong) stated that “Democrats, the house of representatives block (a decision) and require inclusion in the bill of their change.”


Since then, as the Senate voted on the bill, there have been several events that have caused tensions in connection with the “Russian problem” and brought to the ongoing dispute even more attention.


Last week, trump took part in the summit of “Big twenty”, where after a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the beginning of a new era of cooperation on Syria and in the field of cybersecurity. The President even proposed creating a joint U.S.-Russian group to address cybersecurity issues. However, later trump this idea was abandoned. In relation to agreed President Putin denies the Russian involvement in hacking attacks during the election campaign, the White house expressed quite contradictory. As trump publicly questioned the findings of their own intelligence.

Judging by the fact that the bill on sanctions against Russia was approved with a large majority, the position of trump is much different from the views of his party in Congress.


The Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham (Lindsey Graham) said Sunday in a live TV program Meet The Press that now he is “more determined than ever” to strike a blow to Putin, imposing sanctions.


“In Washington there is only one person I know who doubts that Russia did during our elections. This is a President trump,” said Graham.


Then, on Tuesday, the New York Times reported that the President’s son Donald trump Jr. (Donald Trump Jr.), his son and senior adviser Jared Kushner (Jared Kushner), as well as the then Chairman of the electoral headquarters of the trump by Paul Manafort (Manafort Paul) attended a meeting with a female lawyer from Russia. This meeting took place after each trump said in the email that she (the lawyer) is valid in the context of the Russian authorities operations to disrupt the election campaign of Hillary Clinton.


Now the ongoing fight over the bill threatens to weaken the common position of Democrats and Republicans, which, it was hoped the leaders of both parties, will become for Putin a clear signal, indicating that the Congress as the legislature will not tolerate any further attacks on American elections.


“I voted for the bill, and I support him, — said the Senator-the Republican from Louisiana, John Kennedy (John Kennedy). — I think that Putin respects strength, and I think that the weakness he does not respects”.


On the question of whether or not he believes that the President shares his view, the Senator replied: “I have no Idea, you’d have to ask the President.”