In Russia, voiced the true reason for the attack on Ukraine

Russia is a state that throughout its history maintains an aggressive and expansionist policy towards other countries, which she continues to do with Ukraine. This was told on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” by the Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov, the “GORDON”.

Note that Russia explained the reasons for its invasion of Ukraine are allegedly “protecting” Russian-speaking population.

However, Nevzorov has explained that the essence of Russian aggression is much deeper, which has developed historically and Russia just continues to adhere.

“Just the word “Russia” you have to understand the historical and political education, which in principle my life sees the seizure, aggression, planting himself in the rough attempts to eliminate any dissent. And it is traditional for Russia for several centuries. She’s never another and was not” – said Nevzorov.

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He explained that the Russian mentality implies the liberation of the territory from one, then to itself to occupy. The writer cited the example of world war II.

“Even if you remember a certain “liberation” of Europe by Soviet troops in the 45th year. Let us think about what it really was. To liberate means to give freedom. And the Soviet troops liberated the state and the country, to ensnare them with its barbed wire, impose their own puppet government, to isolate, persecute dissent and bathe these countries in the blood if they dare to rebel. We remember Hungarian, Polish, and Czech, and all other events. What the hell, free?! That is, Russia has not committed an error as such, it only corresponds to its historical image, which will not be others, make no mistake. Only a very weakened Russia can pretend to be pious, unhappy, and complacent towards its neighbors” – said Nevzorov.

We will remind, recently the President of the United States Donald trump during a visit to Poland, said that Russia is trying to destabilize Eastern Europe.