Who in the world 141 developed a vaccine for the coronavirus (The Washington Post, USA)

Worldwide currently under development 141 vaccines against coronavirus. This was announced by Director General of the world health organization Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus in an article published in the Washington Post on 1 July.

The Director General of the who noted that the development of the vaccine began as soon as the information about the virus appeared in the network.

“We developed 141 vaccine. Leaders (among developers) can separate from success months. Of course, guarantees full protection, but we hope for it,” added Mr. Ghebreyesus.

In his view, the pandemic coronavirus showed how the international community needs to cooperate to solve the health care crisis.

“We are not only far from the elimination of risks posed by this insidious virus, but most people are still susceptible to infection,” — said the head of the who.

He also expressed concern that the world remains extremely vulnerable to future threats in the health sector. According to him, there is a struggle with less visible pandemic of antimicrobial resistance.