I suspect that Ukraine will never forgive Russia

Dmytro Gordon: “Gordon”, and my guest today well-known television journalist Alexander Nevzorov. Alexander Glebovich, good evening!

Alexander Nevzorov: My deepest respect. Glory To Ukraine!

— Glory to the heroes! I have many friends in Russia: actors, writers, artists, athletes, and 90% of them in unison went crazy on the Ukrainian question. You miraculously preserve the sobriety and clarity of thought. Why it happened with you and them?

Because unlike them I understand what the causal connection. Moreover, I have a pretty tough and very pragmatic thinking. All I can see happening, perhaps, in an absolutely realistic colours. In General, the opinion of the artists do not give much importance. Ukraine is now, of course, absolutely entitled to all his antics against the singers, and the singers, where it is allowed, it will not let me, because the singers and pavoni do not understand the extent to which the theme of the Crimea, Russia, Donbass bleeding and painful for Ukraine. They still perceive it as a kind of game that you can play and then quit and forget.

— You have no TV, maybe you so, so understand all the process? The TV also impose their point of view.

TV do not bring the gunners, don’t install and turn on. Is everyone chooses for himself. I had to deal with the Ukrainian TV, and there is a young man showed surprised of the Crimean people who do not understand how, once under Russian rule, they were confronted with a monstrous amount of household, and social problems. I don’t understand these people. Even going to a tourist trip, one studies the country to which he goes. But if he’s going to do to change nationality and some way to integrate into this country, the more he is obliged to do. And not on the basis of advertising brochures, which is the official media, and on the basis of the same Internet, which offers more or less objective picture.

And here they are now surprised. They didn’t know that Russia is a country rotten floors, broken-down roads, a monstrous queues in polyclinics that this is a country of dirt, bestiality, terror. There are two more or less civilized places: Moscow and St. Petersburg. But all that is outside of these cities, immersed in a huge, monstrous problem. They are surprised that they have an idiot-head in the Crimea, but, sorry, we can’t find any sane leaders do not in one region. Three quarters of the governors — ill suck that little sane. And this is the problem of personnel. Why they thought that they were in Crimea descend of the Archangel or of a managerial genius. There are no in Russia. There is the same romantic fool who will do all the errors and bring the Crimea to the handle. To the same, as is, for example, the Vologda region. Crimea and what is better? They tried this in Russia.

Polls are you recognized as a leader of opinion in St. Petersburg. So not all is crazy in Russia?

— Have not voted, go vote. It’s not all crazy, judging, at least, the results of this vote. This is very strange and surprising, despite the fact that everyone knows my position on the Ukrainian question. It was reasonable from the beginning. I don’t ukrainophile and alien to any bias against any state and any nation, but here, I just know the tragedy of the game, which is played by Russia.

— What is the main mistake made by Russia in relation to Ukraine?

— No. Just the word Russia you must understand the historical and political education, which, in principle, my life sees the seizure, aggression, planting himself in the rough attempts to eliminate any dissent. And it is traditional for Russia for several centuries. It is never the other was not. From what some crazy intellectuals drew you to Russia as the quintessence of any sublime thoughts, ideas… it’s not.


Even that’s kind of the liberation of Europe by Soviet troops in 1945. Let us think about what it was for liberation. To liberate means to give freedom. And the Soviet troops liberated the state and the country, to ensnare them with its barbed wire, to impose their own puppet government, to isolate, persecute dissent and bathe those countries in blood, when they dare to rebel. We remember Hungarian, Polish, Czech and all other events. I.e., Russia does not make mistakes as such. It only corresponds to its historical image, which is formed and which is not others — make no mistake. Only a very weakened Russia can pretend to be pious, unhappy, and complacent towards its neighbors.

— What to do today with the Crimea and Donbass and Ukraine, and Russia?

— I believe that if Ukraine will still need the land, it will, most likely, back. Just because no capacity, no financial indefinitely on all this. On the example of Donbass we can see that all this was conceived as a beautiful romantic story of the spread of the Russian world. But, again, it all boils down to the fact that there are no performers of this idea of the Russian world, and Moscow is some knights in shining armor came just thieves, just criminals of varying degrees of romance, not capable of anything but terror to keep the situation to score the cellars of corpses. This may not last long. The Donbas will end quite naturally — I suspect that all of these Zakharchenko and carpentry will sooner or later require either the Ukrainian or the Russian government a million dollars a box of vodka, blonde in stockings and a helicopter. Just this will all end, just as always it ends with the terrorists.

— Now the demand for for class. The Ukrainian people voted for Yanukovych, now together walking to the funeral Givi, Motorola. Why not attract the best examples and the worst?

— Homo — sufficient vicious type in nature. When he has the need to choose between good and evil, between truth and lies, as a rule, he chooses falsehood and evil. This is our universal human trait. Man is a rather nasty phenomenon. But it is difficult to say accurately how many people came voluntarily, many of them crazy and sincere fanatics. I suspect that actually not a lot of fanatics.

— You said you were on the side of Ukraine, but afraid of her victory. Why?

Because you’re a gambler, and, won some significant victories, seriously violating the vile, frail, but still dirty, bloody balance, which is now in the Donbas (which is called the Minsk agreement), you will get addicted. You struck me — when all this story began, I thought you would not last a 3-4 days, because you had to throw almost the entire secret Russian military power, but you persevered and managed to gain a foothold on the frontier, which at the time was prudent to gain a foothold. I understand that the deeper the entry into the territory of Donbass for you to make the necessary lustration, of cleansing. It is inevitable. Thus you would have lost a lot of supporters because it is clear what colors would be painted, your actions of the Russian and world press. Ukraine would have lost more. Good that you moved on. And it’s good that you don’t have the opportunity to set the record straight in this matter.

— Why Ukraine is more to expect from Russia, what?

— The same that you have already received. As long as Russia will exist in the context of the implementation of his “historic role” as long as it will play in imperstvo, Empire, king, in Orthodoxy it is the other cannot be. Need to open those books that tell you about Russia 18-20 centuries, and that Russia, which was disguised by the words of the Soviet Union, and we will see all the same pushing Imperio and understand that this is a form of existence. It’s stupid to moralize the shark for what she pulls out a piece of meat from his victim. It is foolish to show Russia claims for the fact that it exists in its own historical context.

— What do you think about Nadia Savchenko?

— I liked her — I admired her brilliance, her resilience, her courage. But as it turns out, the man in prison is a strong man, in a very comfortable environment where you can demonstrate the better. But the test of will, policies, opportunities, I think she now does not stand up.

Second Maidan, I think the final farewell of Ukraine with the Soviet authorities. We are in full swing decommunization. What do you think?

— And you do what you want on their land. What are you asking me? The fate of all those idols, monuments absolutely do not care. I’m not sick no idea and sterile from political bias at all.

But you’d like to have Peter removed the monument to Lenin, removed the names of Lenin, Sverdlov, etc. from the streets, from the squares?

— First of all, I don’t care. Secondly, if you remove the names of one of the executioners, then, as experience suggests — they are replaced by other, equally disgusting. And the replacement of some of the villains on the other maybe I could neither inspire nor delight. Although the Russian people have a certain charm — they still went to fight. All terrorists, romance, romanticism and religion — based terrorism. But they wanted to move Russia to a more civilized way — in the direction of the development of liberty, of science, of Europe, i.e., to free her from this eternal Imperial insanity, when Russia sacrifices for generations a small idea, which she cannot articulate.

As it turns out, the idea of “Russian world” lies in the fact that the clinics around the world to be with rotten floors and roads should be such that to drive on them was impossible. No other tangible manifestations of Russian ideas is not. The Russian idea should be some way to advance, so in order to make absolutely rotten floor in the clinic, must first the area where there will be a clinic, resuturing tanks. Strange, but all of these Englishmen, poles, Ukrainians do not want rotten floors, broken roads, shitty social sphere, total thieves. They do not want to evaluate these “amazing, beautiful” sides of the Russian idea. They do not want to be integrated into this lifestyle.

Four convocation you spent in the State Duma. Today it’s a different State Duma?

— Yes, of course. I came to the first completely free Duma, where it was possible to change a lot. Where you can be cocky, arrogant, to have a circle of like-minded people volnomyslyaschih in the context of the time. Then Russia was ruled by the so-called Democrats that were absolutely the same scum as those who do today. Just the Democrats today are so unhappy because they have taken away the right to close the newspaper, to punish someone publicly, to defame. Now doing this are the black hundreds, which they ridicule in the 90s. I think wheel of fortune will turn a few more times with us, but the essence will not change.

Someone in the Kremlin today you maintain relationships?

— To support, because it is impossible to live in the media field does not support relations in the Kremlin.

— You said that you disdain the electoral process, and believe that it is time for world governments.

— Of course, because living in Russia, to preserve the illusion that the election is more reasonable — absolutely impossible. If you gather 50 thousand alcoholics and fools, and they decide something — you’re entitled to laugh at this decision. But when their much more people who are unable with their own destiny to figure out — and then they are asked to decide the fate of the country. They are very good, among them there are lots of wonderful, kind, but they can’t assess the strength and importance of the problem, unable to solve such a global thing. In France, presidential power is zilch, everything is limited, and in Russia as a result of all these endless manipulation of the gullible, but mainly phenomenally ignorant people obtained political result, which should be, as a rule, terrible.

— Autumn 2017, the year you have does not cause any associations?

— No. Russia has long needed revolution. There never was a revolution. What happened in the 17th year, throughout its history, it’s not was revolution. It was the replacement of some of the villains on the other — in this case a fundamental principle of relations between the authorities and the people has never changed. He always remained exactly the same, just changed the kings secretaries of the Central Committee, and later the presidency. Here is the unrestricted ability to dispose of the lives and destinies of millions, at its discretion, to maim, to isolate, enrich, reward — that this principle will not go away. And so no longer live in the world is not a viable design that will be rejected by the rest of humanity.

— You pity Nemtsov, who was killed in front of the whole world?

— No, sorry. First, I’m not compassionate. He was very cute, lovely people, we were in a wonderful relationship, but he once demonstrated the same pathological features that shows any person get to power in Russia. You should not think that he was such a big friend of Ukraine.

— What do you think about Navalny?

He’s definitely cute. But I think the rogues of all. There are successful crooks, there are those who are jealous of successful swindlers, but there are those who only dream of becoming a successful rogues and begins his ascent. Things that are not explained by normal, rational, normal self — interest-is, most likely, the pathological actions, which are based on a particular fanaticism. And it’s always better to deal with a thief than with a zealot. Besides, Navalny is not passed my test on the “Krymnash — Krymnenash”. And this is for me a sign of the presence or absence of basic beliefs about good and evil, which should be the so-called politics, that is, a person who is taken to decide the fate of millions of people, especially in Russia.

— Navalny is a project of the FSB?

— Many people and many organizations were at the time, the projects of the FSB, then they tore answered the FSB-related leashes, went in the free swimming, threw themselves on their former masters, then returned to him. So to talk about it in Russia is very silly. This in no way discredits the person. Sometimes the FSB is used to make a solid launch pad and then taking off, to make an obscene hand gesture.

— Zhirinovsky, in-your — genius?

— If he is a genius, only of circus arts. He has, of course, a certain number of fans, but this fans such as those seen in the Roman circus fight and killing of ostriches. Addicted to Zhirinovsky highly pathological. But in Russia, those people who today swear they love to Zhirinovsky, it can be quite normal, and after six months they will love someone diametrically opposed.

— What do you think about Kadyrov?

— Kadyrov in a kind of a crossroads. I’m afraid he will choose the wrong path. He has a chance to stay in such primitive feudal potentates, and then his reign will end any charge of TNT, was in the right time and in the right place, or a large Caucasian dagger — just because your in a closed space Oriental despot, as a rule, and thus ends. Either Kadyrov will try to integrate into this world in some intellectual abilities, and realize that for Chechnya for the state of Caucasian feudal futility of death. As for any other state mechanism today. The chance that he will understand — is negligible, but, as said Hawking: “The low probability is still not zero.”

— What do you think about Putin?

— It is foolish to assume that Putin is kind of separate from the Russian phenomenon. It is the icing on the cake, which should be today that Russia, which Russia wants to be. She’s the period when all her passion is directed only in their own strength, aprerequisite, in imitation of military power, in imitation of influence. Putin at this “wedding” — the perfect master of ceremonies. He did nothing, in fact, not invented. He only goes hard on the canvas, which for him was drawn by the intense historical Russia, to the ideal which today’s Russia and committed. He merely sequential.

— Your grandfather is the General of KGB. You recruited ever in this organization?

— Why? The position of my grandfather provided me help, and friendship. All I remember — I grew up in those corridors.

— Aren’t you afraid, living in Russia, so sharply about it to speak?

— Fortunately, until all the money released to create a single, coherent ideology, is stolen on the way to the ideologues who needs to create a single coherent system. And some list of misconceptions, which prescribed the Russians how to think does not exist. In addition, I, as a professional knows, where there is a verge of excessive contact with the law. I’m a fighter, and my goal is to hit an ideological purpose, not to expose your forehead. Let forehead substitute recruits and fools. My goal is not only to hit and burn the ideological enemy tanks, but, like any professional mercenary, still in this fight and to survive.

— What do you think about propaganda, the brains of Russians, the Russian Federal television?

If this propaganda works, then it is very targeted, and precisely acts on the qualities of people who are in fact there. It’s a really interesting question — why every time Russia returned to the circle of his own, in his back, the original state? With all the talk about the extraordinary beneficence of Russian culture — this is the same bluff. In 1937 Russia had most of Pushkin, and we see how this cultural factor was helpless in the face of reality.

— Did you participate in the action “Immortal regiment” on the Day of Victory?

— No, because I, first, in any actions did not participate, and, secondly, I don’t like it. Don’t like the thoughtlessness with which people go out, because among those people whose portraits they are, many who died through the fault of the infinite stupidity of the Soviet command. Now in Russia nobody can give an exact figure of those killed in the Second world war from the Russian side. Started with 12 million now 41 million. I’m afraid Russian is not very interested — as-nails, do not consider themselves. Each of them is ready to give himself to that state at his disposal, and given the fact that they govern the state, as a rule, idiots, and this order is absolutely idiotic.

— You studied at the Moscow theological Seminary, but became an atheist. Is it true that no appointment, Church, any serious, did not pass without the KGB?

— Of course, it is. And how would you suggest the ideological, totalitarian, ardent in their propaganda the state to treat any other ideology. This ideology, this Church was thoroughly, completely penetrated by the Cheka.

— What is the national idea of Russia for you?

For me she is to overtake America in the number of Nobel laureates. It’s the only decent national idea. It is very difficult. I suspect that Ukraine will never forgive Russia. At least during our life with you, all the vile that has done Russia in Ukraine — will not be forgotten. And it will be right. But when it all will pass and this haze will disappear (it will disappear and it will collapse), and also insanity will stop, that’s when Russia will again be able to mobilize the potentials that had once given Vernadsky, Pavlov. This is the real Russia, which is too.

Over the years of independence 10-11 million Ukrainians went abroad. Russia, too, are leaving?

— I don’t track statistics, but I understand that for many people it is absolutely impossible, because the enslavement of consciousness, no languages, no hope that will be able to settle in a foreign country. You happened to independence — and we have not happened. You had the Revolution of Dignity, but it is not yet possible because of many reasons. Indeed, absolutely different people, absolutely different ideas about good and evil, totally different degree of prowess and understanding of what dignity. The Ukrainians are going to develop some kind of better life, a Russian, unfortunately, to overcome this cultural, governmental, advocacy gravity of Russia is much harder.

— I’m located in Ukraine — Russia will see the normal life in our lifetime, when we can say that it was not in vain, and when we can easily go from Ukraine to Russia, from Russia to Ukraine and be friends as before?

— No. The only sign of our normality, and I say this from the Russian side, if we pluck up courage and say, “it was All in vain. And the Crimea and Donbass”.

— Thank you very much.