A scandal in the mental hospital: the head physician was informed about the suspicion of torturing patients

In Sumy region the chief of the specialized psychiatric hospital No. 2 reported the suspect leaving in danger and torturing patients.

Exhumed seven bodies of mental hospital patients who died in December 2016. According to history, these five patients allegedly died from cardiovascular failure, one from brain edema and one from intoxication.

At the same time, the examination showed that five patients died from pneumonia, reports the press service of the Prosecutor of Sumy region.

“It is established that the autopsy of the corpses was carried out at all, the documents are fake, the reason for the deaths of five patients is an acute purulent pneumonia caused by prolonged stay in a room with low temperature. It is aged from 34 to 69 years who were on voluntary treatment”, – reported in Prosecutor’s office.

In addition, also exhumed the body of 28-year-old girl who died in February 2016. Then the cause of death indicated intoxication. However, it is now known that a few days before his death the deceased received a severe head injury and fractures of edges.

“It is established that the autopsy specialist carried out superficially on the body injuries in the form of a fracture of all ribs on both sides and traumatic brain injury with bleeding inside. These injuries formed several days before death and are in causal connection with the death”, – emphasized in Prosecutor’s office.

It is noted that from November 2016 through January 2017 in hospitals, where the deceased patients, the temperature was unacceptably low (10 to 18 degrees, at a rate of 20 degrees Celsius).

Prosecutors are convinced that the main doctor did not take any action to solve this problem.

“Overall, in the period treated in the institution was 415 patients who suffered from unsatisfactory conditions, in particular low temperature, with the result that five of them died. Today, 1 March 2017, the chief physician of municipal institution “Regional specialized psychiatric hospital # 2″ is handed a notice of suspicion under part 1 of article 127 (torture is the intentional infliction of physical or moral suffering by way of chastisement for the purpose of discrimination) and part 3 of article 135 (abandonment in danger, which entailed death) the criminal code of Ukraine”, – reported the press service of the Prosecutor of Sumy region.

Now the suspect is detained. The Prosecutor’s office asks the court to take her into custody.

The police have conducted a series of searches in the public institutions of the region and place of residence of the chief physician, his Deputy for medical unit and head nurse of a mental hospital. The Prosecutor’s office stated that it had collected sufficient evidence and is preparing to report the suspicion of several persons who contributed to or involved in the crime.

Pre-judicial investigation proceeds.

The doctor of the psychiatric hospital faces up to eight years in prison.

We will remind, the scandal around the hospital broke at the end of last year, when regional officials learned that the wards only 9 degrees Celsius. Then there was taken of the patients, one woman a week dies of pneumonia.

After that in Prosecutor’s office suspected that the pneumonia due to the negligence of the medical staff could die from eight patients and have begun the exhumation of the bodies.

The head physician of the Sumy regional specialized psychiatric hospital # 2 Lily Neofitou fired from his post at the end of February 2017.