In 2017 the Ministry of health promises to introduce insurance, electronic medical records and free medicines

The reformation of the Ukrainian medicine will start with the available drugs, the introduction of primary insurance and create electronic records of patient eHealth. Details of these reforms learned “Segodnia”.

Free medicines: who will be able to

With the New year in Ukraine will have a reimbursement state reimbursement patients the cost of medicines. But not all Ukrainians will be able to receive compensation, and only to those who suffer in diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, bronchial asthma. To get the right drug, you will need to contact the doctor who on a special form write a prescription. It over the counter medications will be given for free if its price does not exceed the reference value set by the Ministry. If exceeds – the patient will have to pay the difference.

The reference value will be set depending on the retail prices of these drugs in five neighboring countries – Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Latvia. Also with the New year due to the reduction in VAT to 2-5% from the current seven will drop all medications. In addition, the Ministry of health wants to limit the size of margins on drugs by setting a maximum regressive markup at 15%, which should decrease along with the increase in the prices of medicines.

The introduction of insurance medicine will last for three years

From 2017, the Ministry of health introduces in Ukraine the primary health insurance. Fully translate medical assistance on the insurance form you want by 2020. Well, to be a primary funding from the state budget through General taxes, not imposing new or raising old ones.


The main introductions in 2017 will be the conclusion with the doctor of the Treaty without reference to place of residence and establishing a government rate for one patient. Primary medical insurance foresees the provision of a GP, family physician or pediatrician of free early detection and diagnosis of diseases. To pay doctor the national Health service from the state budget – an average of 210 UAH per patient per year (for children and pensioners are higher odds). The doctor will be able to conclude no more than 2000 contracts with patients.

To do this, every Ukrainian from 2017 must choose a family doctor, internist or pediatrician and make a contract with him for the amount of guaranteed medical services. This model of a primary insurance exposed to criticism from experts. According to the Executive Secretary of the National medical chamber of Ukraine Serhiy Kravchenko, it is nothing to do with insurance has, as the Ukrainians now can go to any therapist, money which the state pays. The Ministry of health indicate that this is only the first stage of insurance, from 2018 it will cover the specialized medical care.

What is eHealth?

In most countries the e-health system began to implement 10 years ago. Ukrainian doctors still work with a large number of papers. But from 2017 the Ministry of health intend to create a national electronic system, and in late November the Ministry signed a Memorandum with public organizations and IT business.

According to Deputy health Minister Pavlo Kovtonyuk, if to save the doctor from the written reporting and working with paper madartani it will be more time to devote to patients. For patients in turn will create a lot of extra services, such as the ability to choose and enroll to the doctor, or view medical records and test results. For the state – is able to conduct statistics and see where the money goes and what services patients really need.

In addition, can be tracked online, the availability in hospital medicine, as hospitals often hide the presence of drugs and resell them, forcing the patients to buy medicines on their own. The electronic system should enhance control over the purchased drugs. But from January 1 the system does not work. As Paul told Kovtonyuk, its creation will take six months. To implement eHealth will gradually, first will be created in the electronic product, and then the electronic health card, the electronic prescription.