Omeljan accuses MAU of disrupting the negotiations with Ryanair

The Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan believes that in a situation with the refusal of the major European airline Ryanair from the planned entrance to Ukraine due to alleged violations of the agreement by the state enterprise “international airport “Boryspil” (Kyiv) are to blame and the largest carrier in the country – the airline “Ukraine International airlines” (UIA).

“Mayberg (Aron Mayberg, Chairman of the Supervisory Board UIA – ed.) and Ryabikin (Pavel Ryabikin, the head of “Borispol” – ed) can open the champagne,” is the title of the Minister on his page in the network Facebook post about the failure of the Irish low-cost flying to Ukraine.

In the comments he also noted that “MAU cannot determine the country, what to do and to overpay for substandard services”.

As reported, Ryanair on Monday evening, July 10, announced the cancellation of their planned entrance to Ukraine after the airport “Borispol” has violated the agreement reached in March this year, the Ministry of Infrastructure officials of the airport and its current Director-General by Ryabikina.

“We regret that the airport in Kyiv showed that Ukraine is not yet sufficiently Mature or reliable place to invest powerful fleet Ryanair”, – commented on the decision of the chief commercial officer (CCO) Ryanair David O’brien (David O’brien).

According to him, “Borispol” chose to protect the airlines with high fares, including “Ukraine International airlines”, and deprive the Ukrainian consumers and visitors access the lowest rates in Europe and a wide network of routes.

He expressed regret that the airport of Lviv became the victim of a decision “Borispol”.

The company in the message offered to all customers who have already bought tickets for the announced flights to and from Ukraine to contact her by mail for the refund.

Earlier on Monday, Ryabikin said that Ryanair puts “Boryspil” requirements for flights to Kyiv that do not correspond to the Ukrainian legislation. “First: they are demanding that the disputed issues were resolved in the London arbitration, applying the London law. We insist that the issues should be resolved in a judicial procedure in Ukrainian courts”, – he said.

Among other such conditions, according to the Director of the airport, free air navigation, front Desk, taxi stand, area under advertising, ticketing offices, the requirement to 60 days credit from the airport and a payout of 35% of the profits from the activities of duty-free shops, securing passenger fee in the amount of $7.5 for five years.

Ryabikin said he did not intend to sign an agreement with Ryanair until you have removed all the differences in the clauses of the contract.

This position in the afternoon on Monday sharply criticized Omeljan, expressing once again the assumption that interference with the arrival of Ryanair in Ukraine are connected with the reluctance of the open competition from the largest Ukrainian state company “Ukraine International airlines”, indebted to the budget about UAH 400 million

The Minister accused the head of “Borispol” in the disclosure of confidential contract terms.

Omeljan previously stated that all speculation regarding the arrival or non-arrival to Ukraine low-cost airline Ryanair is the attempt by one national carrier to maintain a monopoly position in the market, earning profits on the citizens. MAU replied that she was against lobbying and the creation of Minister M. Omelyan preferred conditions for a single business entity, the low-cost carrier.