Ancient recipes against cramps

Seizures are pretty serious disease and they should be treated, informs

Sometimes people Wake up at night from severe pain in the extremities convulsions be a serious test, which can deprive a person of sleep and rest. To get rid of this scourge, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine that have been tested by generations and time.

Mustard ointment

During attacks of spasms are well spread arms and legs with an ointment of mustard, which is prepared easily. To do this, in the capacity pour four tablespoons of dry mustard, two jars of petroleum jelly and two teaspoons of olive oil. This ointment helps wonderfully after applying the spasms become weak and appear less often.

Healthy beverage from yeast

Effective remedy — yeast drink, which quickly allows you to get rid of pain and cramps in the legs. To make it easy: take the dry black bread, cut into large pieces, and pour hot water. Leave the drink to infuse for five hours, then strain and add a pinch of yeast. This medicinal drink should cause fermentation, so it should be put in a warm place. After 5 hours the drink put in the refrigerator before use, it adds a bit of honey or sugar. Drink is in the mornings and evenings.

Night cramps in calves of legs

Cramps in calf may occur after overexertion of the muscles, from standing work or after long trips, when inadequate intake of minerals, potassium and calcium. To remedy the situation, you need to replenish your body with minerals enter into your diet as much parsley, dill, Basil.

If the spasm happened during sleep, you need to get on my feet the pain quickly subsides. If muscle pain after the seizures continue, you need to take an elastic bandage and wrap their feet. To avoid attack will help charging. To perform the exercises you need to sit on a chair, pull your legs and move my feet and fingers for a few minutes. Provided that you will perform this exercise every day, constant convulsions retreat.

Miracle Daisy

From cramps will help healing decoction: mix 2 tablespoons of chamomile in 4 cups of hot boiled water. The broth infused for one hour and then filtered and drink between meals.

And, you can pour boiling water raisins and leave to infuse overnight. Eat the raisins, and broth to drink is hot drinks. Alternating between these two infusions, you can permanently get rid of the pain and spasms.