The crisis in the Persian Gulf and “Svetlovy”

Disagreements between Saudi Arabia and Qatar began after the military coup carried out by Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi in Egypt. This coup was organized by Saudi Arabia, which resisted Qatar. Since then, the TV channel “al-Jazeera” stands at the side of the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi, who was elected by the Egyptian people, and denounces the coup Al-Sisi, who were backed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. These countries have spent billions to using the media to convince the world that what happened was not a military coup, but the will of the Egyptian people. However, they are not able to withstand the media giant, which is “al Jazeera”, which prompted the Saudi king to intervene and demand that the Emir of Qatar to put pressure on the leadership of the Qatari TV channel, and it reduced the attacks on the government of Al-Sisi. However, the king’s request was rejected, and the contradictions between the two countries deteriorated to such an extent that Saudi Arabia and some other Persian Gulf States decided to withdraw their ambassadors from Qatar.

However, the media giant, “al-Jazeera” has withstood the onslaught of the “MBC Group”, owned by Saudi Arabia. As a result, the Kingdom was forced to develop a new plan, which this time involves the closure of the Qatari channel.

Yes, “al-Jazeera” is the cause of insomnia all the Arab monarchs, fearing for their thrones, especially after the “Arab spring,” which this channel is supported. So, “al-Jazeera” was to Express the aspirations of the peoples of the Arab countries weakened during the reign of dictators, and the latter in turn began to fear the beginning of the “Arab spring” in their countries.

But the problem was in deciding how to confront the channel, and the decision was an “attack” on the state sponsoring “al-Jazeera”, Doha, Qatar. Thus, the parties initiated a campaign against Qatar and resorted to the support of us President trump, who made the relevant publication in Twitter. However, trump has faced opposition from the opposition, which described his actions as hasty. However, the impact was not only American President but also on the aforementioned Arab countries that are faced with the fact that Turkey sent on a military base in Qatar’s troops, which prevented there is the attempt of a military coup, similar to what at the time occurred in Egypt. In addition, the Turkish side sent to Qatar a ton of food, so the attempt to blockade the failed state.

In a nutshell, the war against “al-Jazeera” was unsuccessful for the Arab leaders, fearful for his throne. As a result, they decided to start the struggle against the state from which broadcasts the channel. Those who declared this war, believed that the fight with geographically small state and win going to be easy, but they did not know that Qatar has done much good and will inevitably use it. So, this country supported the demands of the peoples who had to endure all kinds of troubles from cruel governments. Arab monarchs forgot that at the disposal of Qatar “al-Jazeera”, a giant in the field of media, which are the strongest weapons in the twenty-first century. It is difficult to oppose Qatar in this field, so that “al-Jazeera” has denied all the allegations made by these States.

Campaign against Qatar, the contribution of the publication trump, was preceded by a phone call from aboard the presidential plane. This call was made before the press conference of the foreign Ministers of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain, and apparently, trump gave them new instructions regarding political company, commensurate with the “tweets” at the beginning of the conflict. All this was the cause of the delay of Ministers at a press conference, and the fact that the speakers looked confused and refused to answer many questions, particularly regarding what steps they intend to take in the future. The last fact gives us reason to say that they are waiting for new instructions, whether in the form of a tweet, a call or movement of eyebrows known to all blonde.