Poland against artificially high prices at American gas

Interview with adviser to the Polish President for international Affairs Dersim Krzysztof (Krzysztof Szczerski)

— wPolityce.pl In Germany there has passed the summit of “Big twenty”, what conclusions according to the results it is possible to make?

— Krzysztof Merski:
Critical event, he did not. At the summit there is a significant differences in climate policy between Europe (especially France) and USA.

— The United States opposes climate agreement…

— If someone is not satisfied with the existing terms of the agreement, it does not mean that he did not agree with him. During the election campaign Donald trump promised to protect the traditional US sources of energy, so apparently he will stick to this program.

— Were the words of a joint fight against protectionism in international trade.

— In light of the fact that in Europe, especially in France, talking about the return to protectionism, such statements seem surprising.

Symbol of this summit will be, perhaps, not climate and trade policies, and burning cars and on the streets the ensuing clashes with police.

— On the streets of Hamburg we saw an explosion of left anarchism, it will be remembered more than the meeting. Events in Germany show that political violence is associated with the left wing, Nazism, and anarchism have their roots there. Radical left-wing forces have always been the source of anti-values and violence aimed at the destruction of the existing order. Worst of all, such methods are trying to spread in Poland. We remember what happened on Krakowskie przedmieście in Warsaw at the memorial cross, which occurs on the 18th of each month at the Wawel castle (the day of the funeral of the presidential couple, who died in a plane crash in 2010 near Smolensk — approx. TRANS.): contradictorie during monthly events dedicated to the memory of the victims is a manifestation of radicalism, revolt against the moral norms that are, inter alia, in respect for the dead.

— On the basis of media reports we can say about the meeting of the leaders of the United States and Russia?

— Putin’s meeting with trump is the second thing that will be remembered for the summit. I had the distinct impression that the conversation the leaders of the United States and Russia were two planes. The first, which we probably do not know is that there actually was said. The second is the use of the meeting in the information war. It is no coincidence that immediately there were messages designed to bring it to everyone’s attention: it is emphasized that the conversation lasted longer than planned, that it had to interrupt, to ask politicians to end the conversation. The goal is the impact of Russian propaganda on the subconscious: it should give the impression that hosted a critical conversation that will overshadow all other events.

— A meeting of representatives of the countries “the Big twenty” and the visit of Donald trump to Poland for the summit “Initiative of the three seas”?

— Those who seek to belittle the importance of the visit trump in our country, emphasize how long he talked with Putin. This conversation is presented in such a way as to imbue it with meaning that it could not be. Please note that the presidents didn’t talk to face to face, their meeting was attended by the foreign Ministers of the USA and Russia. So these were the talks of the delegations of the two countries under the leadership of presidents.

— What do You think, did the US and Russia to get closer on some issue on which their views diverged?

At this point it could only go on the probing positions through the exchange of opinions. Behind these politicians have no great experience of mutual contacts, which would allow them to discuss the details introduced on the basis of previous conversations or decisions. You should not give the impression that the world after this meeting has changed. Of course, it’s good that it took place: it is important that policy met with each other. It does not, however, think that happened the final revision of global politics, and these two States have decided what they will do in the near future. Knowing the character of the tramp, we can assume that with his hand asked many questions and many statements about the conditions under which will be further action.

— What consequences can result the summit of “Big twenty” for Poland?

— It was stated that this year, Paris will host the new climate summit. This initiative came somewhat unexpectedly, as next year Poland will host climate conference, which was officially planned to consider the following steps in this direction.

— The leaders of the countries “Big twenty” reached a compromise on the issue of international trade, arguing against protectionism. Our interests in this area will be protected?

— Trade issues are discussed mainly at the EU level, trade policy is in its competence. Poland is interested in the fact that Europe has abandoned protectionism and the European market remained open (completely free it cannot be called). We should ensure that, in response to the energy onset of the United States, someone in Europe decided to create barriers to energy trade between the USA and Poland or other European countries. I can assume that many politicians such ideas have already appeared. The statement of the President of the trump in Warsaw was unambiguous and fit in trade policy “Initiative of the three seas”.

Poland should ensure that European legislation in the sphere of energy remained the same, and trade with the United States have no limits: for example, to the EU does not have any new rules that artificially raise the price of American gas. Let me remind you: when it turned out that Poland theoretically may have shale gas, suddenly appeared the European standards which made its production unprofitable.