The recognition of the leader of terrorists of Kobani on Mazlum Russia: we agreed (Haber7, Turkey)

The so-called commander of the “Syrian democratic forces” — the Syrian branch of the PKK, a terrorist Muslum Kobani said that with Russia was negotiated and agreed on Syria.

“Syrian democratic forces” (SDG), established in the framework of the so-called anti-ISIL (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) with the support of the United States, operating in Syria as an offshoot of the separatist terrorist organization the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK). One of the terrorists in the rank of commander of the SDG Mazlum Kobane (Kobani Mazlum) reported that the terrorist organization has held talks with Russia on Syria and agreed.

Met with the Russian commander

Mazlum Kobani met with the commander of group of Russian troops in Syria, General Alexander chaiko.

The leader of the terrorists, Mazlum Kobani, slanderously accusing Turkey of violating the agreements reached, said: “We took the commander of Russian forces in Syria, General Alexander chaiko. Discussed General issues, including violations by Turkey of the Agreement of October 23, and especially the murder of three Kurdish activists in Kobani”.

Three “activists” mentioned by the terrorist leader Mazlum Kobani, actually were terrorists, acting in the so-called political groups associated with the terrorist organization.


Mazlum Kobani said that the parties “agreed” to increase the level of coordination and collaboration, and thanked Alexander chaiko for “efforts to resolve the difficulties.”

Three “activists” mentioned Chobani

“Activist”, which said mazloum of Kobani, was one of the female terrorists, many years working on terrorist organization PKK. In particular, Filiz Aslan worked for the PKK for 25 years, joining it in 1995 when Ocalan Abdullah (Abdullah Öcalan, founder and leader of the PKK — approx. TRANS.), when arrived in Damascus from the area Ozalp the Turkish province of van. In the last four years she wander freely in the occupied people’s protection Units (YPG) areas in Syria in civilian clothes and were recruiting members to join the organization.

In early June it became known that the terrorist arrived in the area of ain al-Arab in Northern Syria. Turkish security forces began razvedrota in the area located in front of the Suruç district of the Turkish province of Sanliurfa, and determined that Filiz Aslan is located in the village Helinge together with a group of terrorists YPG. For Filiz Aslan followed over 18 days based on the images obtained from a UAV, data and technical supervision. The coordinates of the location were transferred to the Turkish armed forces, and then in the evening on 23 June in the village Helinge with the help of shock unmanned aerial vehicle was carried out the air operation.

Along with Filiz Aslan during the operation, were also killed terrorists Zehra Berkel (Berkel Zehra), Mizgin Khalil (Halil Mizgin) and Weixi Emine (Emine Veysi), who were members of the PKK / “Kongra-Old” (Congra-Star) and was one of the senior curators of the military wing YPG. Neutralization Filiz Aslan, which carried out the so-called commanders in the camps of the PKK (Serhat, Avashin, Zap, the Hiner) and was part of the leadership of the women’s structures of the PKK, such as PJAK, KJB (“the Supreme Council for women”), KJK, was shocked by a terrorist organization.

After the operation, the terrorist organization PKK — YPG and its supporters tried to conduct black propaganda, claiming that “the Turkish state killed kurdak in their house in the village”, and using pictures of terrorists in civilian clothes. Also drew attention to the fact that first of all a Deputy from the peoples ‘ Democratic party of Turkey in Adana Tuli Hatipoglu (Tülay Hatipoğlu), as well as supporters of the PKK / YPG in Europe also supported this black propaganda in social networks.