The FSB is rubbing his hands: Girkin worked on the conscience! (Correspondent, Ukraine)

Another miscalculation of Ukraine! The bottom line: Gordon (maybe not on purpose, but) — a bastard, and SBU (if is relevant) — you fools!

Briefly explanation:

1. In an interview with Girkin Gordon does not say anything new and specific, that could be “used as evidence in court”, and generally Girkin has not given any anti-Russian facts!

2. Girkin skillfully maneuvering, linguistically beautiful and with heartfelt sincerity — always “bypasses” Gordon (or Gordon — allows you to do this?) and vparivaet to the listener a number of basic settings: “in the Donbas was not the military personnel of the Russian Federation!”, “the militia, the Boeing didn’t hit!”, “in the Donbass civil war”…

3. Thousands before neutral-minded listeners in the Ukraine — after watching imbued with sympathy and trust (albeit unconsciously) — to Girkin: this living, this educated, such as calm, courageous, fearless, principled… and Gordon every few minutes makes Girkin compliments, even more than supports installation on credibility.

4. If, as extra stated Gordon, supervisors or customers of this interview were the security services of Ukraine, a huge mistake would be to put the full version out like this! And a huge mistake was the interview itself in such format and in such style at all! Girkin himself at the last minute had actually explained the win-win of his position in this situation.

In fact, the interview is a good “Trojan horse” running FSB “talking head” Girkin with the permission and help of Gordon of the strongholds of Ukraine. “Skate” that focuses on the defeat of the minds “oscillating”, is unstable in poukrainski audience. And thousands are amazed — guaranteed!