In Ukraine cheaper gas industry

“Naftogaz Ukraine” in may lowered the price of natural gas for industrial consumers and institutions financed from the state budget by 2.7% to 2.8%, or 182 – 195 UAH/ thousand cubic meters to 6 214- 6 902 UAH/thousand cubic meters this is stated in the price list of “Naftogaz”, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

The price of gas “Naftogaz” for industrial consumers who consume from 50 thousand cubic meters. per month under the condition of lack of debts for gas and terms of payment, set at 6 214 UAH/thousand cubic meters Is 2.8%, or 182 UAH/thousand cubic meters less than that specified for this category in April.

Users in the terms of payment upon delivery – 6 902 UAH/thousand cubic meters Is 2.7%, or 195 UAH/thousand cubic meters less than in April.

There is yet category consumers whose monthly consumption volumes below 50 thousand cubic meters; which monthly volumes are not regulated; in which monthly volumes are not regulated, and which also have the debt for gas before the company.

For these categories of consumers the price of commercial gas has also declined by 2.7% or 195 UAH/thousand cubic meters. m to 6 902 UAH/thousand cubic meters.

Recall. The national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has made a forecast of the cost of imported gas. For several years, thousand cubic meters of gas will rise from 247,7 to 292 dollars. The price of foreign gas affects the rate and for ordinary Ukrainians. The website “Today” to find out why you may increase in price of gas for Ukrainians.