Coca-Cola, debris and headphones: what are some things passengers wildly annoying flight attendants

Flight attendants of foreign airlines was named the most annoying things passengers. The list is published in the newspaper the Telegraph.

Flight attendants, in particular, don’t like when travelers bought sodas, such as Coca-Cola. Since the pressure in the interior of the liner at high altitude is lower than the ground foam while dispensing such beverages is formed a lot more than usual, which slows down the process of passenger service.

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Flight attendants also disturb tourists who leave rubbish in his pockets on the backs of chairs. In addition, they disgruntled passengers who don’t take the headphones off when you order drinks, which they involuntarily raise the voice when talking to the flight attendants.

Flight attendants also criticized the customers of the airlines, walking around the salon barefoot, touching female employees of carriers, in order to attract their attention (instead of call), seeking to use the restroom shortly before landing or during food distribution.