Crazy obsession with team trump on good relations with Russia

Among the most dangerous and annoying aspects of foreign policy of the President of trump and his Secretary of state and adviser on national security — an apparent willingness to ignore Russia’s behavior in the international arena in the hope of improving relations. Secretary Rex Tillerson could not be better portrayed his predecessor, John Kerry, when after the meeting in Hamburg of the meeting between trump and the Russian President Vladimir Putin said: “I think both presidents focused their attention — and, in my opinion, quite rightly – on how to move forward, how we should proceed. I am absolutely not sure that we ever will come to some agreed solution on the issue [of Russia’s intervention in our elections] between our two countries” (incidentally, Garry Kasparov said: “a Bad sign was that the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson was the only senior Americans present at the meeting, trump and Putin. He showed prudence and did not wear the order of Friendship, which in 2013 was presented to him by Putin himself; however, Tillerson cannot be considered an obstacle mysterious love trump for this Russian”).

Think for a minute that offers Tillerson: “Because Russia does not recognize the attack on American democracy, we need to ignore this its assault, in order to improve relations between our countries”. Looks like Tillerson or other representatives of the administration realized that because of the actions of the Russians, when they attack our electoral system, commit war crimes in Syria, subjected to persecution of their own people and show aggression towards their neighbors and occupy their territory, improved relations, and it is impossible and undesirable. The formula of it undoubtedly comes down to primernosti and connivance — to surrender, which suggests that the establishment of relations with the criminal regime is better than the opposition to the criminal regime and forcing it to change its behavior.

“Is it possible to interact with the Putin regime? The answer to this question is clearly negative, — recently wrote a former state Department official and an expert in the field of human rights David Kramer (David Kramer). — A cursory glance at recent events for any progressive and open-minded person enough to ensure that Russia simply cannot be a partner moreover, she has no desire to be.”

Kramer says: “Putin’s regime just does not comply with the agreements signed or inherited by it. It violates agreement on arms control, developing and testing missiles in violation of the INF Treaty. He never observed the truce after its invasion of Georgia in 2008. He never complied with the two conditions of the Minsk agreement on ceasefire after their illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the ongoing invasion and aggression against Ukraine in the East of the country. He violated the Budapest Memorandum of 1994, a Treaty of friendship with Ukraine of 1997, as well as the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity. He failed to comply with any agreement on a cease-fire in Syria. And it violates the rights of its own people despite the fact that is a member of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe and Council of Europe, as well as country
signatory to the Universal Declaration of human rights”.

In other words, Putin is “partner”, it is not credible. His regime is thoroughly corrupt, authoritarian and a threat to its own people, its neighbours and the West.

The desire to “get along” is more dangerous than naivete. It represents the mentality of an exhausted West, which considers the protection of its own interests and values is so complicated that he has to resort to self-deception concerning the nature, the nature of his enemy. Kramer said that the next time a President trump will ask: “wouldn’t it be great if we and Russia get along?”, the answer should be as follows: “How many Russian liberals-activists need to be killed or poisoned? How many more countries must seize Putin? How many more Ukrainians must die? How many more civilians must die in Syria? And how many more elections he should intervene, we should realize that the existential threat posed by the Putin regime?”

Ironically the President, who asks: “wouldn’t it be great if we with Russia are getting along?” is the one who will never deliver greatness of America and will never achieve “victory” in the international arena. It is the language of a loser, a weakling. Understand that America is great when she acts against countries such as Russia, acting in the name of democracy, universal human rights and the international liberal order based on respect for and observance of national sovereignty.