The results of the G7 summit: features trump and the success of Ukraine

On Saturday, the town of Taormina on the Eastern coast of Sicily hosted the summit “the Big seven”. And although some heads of state do not hide their disappointment with the results of the discussions on the Ukrainian question, the participants presented a United front, and hopes of the Russian Federation that against it will weaken the sanctions, did not materialize.

CLIMATE AND UKRAINE. Despite the fact that Italy on its territory adopts the G7 for the sixth time, the 43rd summit of “Seven” became the first in the history of Taormina. Great attention was paid by organizers security: law and order in the city of 11-thousand population followed 8 thousand security forces were mobilized around 200 doctors and over the island flown seven rescue helicopters and dozens of drones. In addition, Italian authorities have closed the port and marine harbour in Sicily, and abolished the visa-free entry even for citizens of countries-members of EU!

Among the main topics were listed free trade and climate protection, and on the eve of the European press wrote that the delegates cannot come to a common denominator.

“Climate debate was very difficult, if not unsatisfactory, not without disappointment said after the meeting, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but added:’ There are a number of issues on which we have joint understanding. We again discussed the topic of Ukraine and the Minsk process”.

However, the position of the trump was predictable. The refusal of the US restrictions that were introduced to combat global warming, was part of his election program. He has already reversed the Executive orders of Obama, where climate change was recognized as a security threat.

As for us, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk stressed that the EU fully supports the integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, as reasons to change the policy of sanctions against Russia no. This thesis was confirmed by the head of the Italian foreign Minister Angelino Alfano, saying that sanctions against Russia will remain a benchmark for his country. The President of France Emmanuel macron said during a personal meeting with the head of the RFM, which will be held today, he will lead a “demanding” dialogue regarding the situation in Ukraine. Macron added that in the near future wants to collect the “Normandy four”. To summarize, the leaders of the G7 recorded in the Memorandum that they are even ready to intensify sanctions if Russia continues to flout the Minsk agreements.

Political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko said that Ukraine’s success at a meeting of the countries “Big seven” due to the work of the Ukrainian diplomacy. “The President and foreign Ministry are working on this issue. Petro Poroshenko met before the summit with Merkel and EU leaders, he says. — The dissonance of the meeting is associated with the trump. In matters of international trade and climate change, his position is very far from the positions of the other leaders of G7. And trump wants to negotiate with the Russians, but fails to demonstrate any gains, especially for Ukraine. And easier for him to agree on Ukraine to minimize accusations of Pro-Russian. It’s all the features of the tramp”.

Politekspert Vadim Karasev reminds that France and Germany were the initiators of the Minsk process, which is now stalled, but which they strive still to realize. “Therefore, despite the economic losses, they insist that sanctions should be continued and, moreover, under some circumstances, strengthened,” — summarizes the expert.

Two Donald met in Brussels

At the end of last week in Brussels (Belgium) hosted the NATO summit as part of its first world tour visited the US President Donald trump. Here they are with Donald Tusk, checked their positions on the conflict in Ukraine. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the Alliance and is ready to support our country. “As for Ukraine, it was clearly stated by many members of NATO, and the Alliance supports the fact that we will continue to strengthen our partnership with Ukraine, to provide practical and political support”, — said Stoltenberg. He promised to promote the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Summit ended with the opening of the new headquarters of NATO in Brussels and two memorials — the fall of the Berlin wall and the September 11 tragedy in new York.

Donbass: the militants were beaten on the Krasnogorovka of “Grad”

Coincidence or not, but after the final performances of the G7 leaders, the militants in the Donbas has made a hellish morning the inhabitants of Krasnogorovka. The attack began at 6:40 and lasted more than three hours.

“The militants killed the town centre is under fire hit the school, hospital and homes of civilians. Wounded three women and one man. Aware of the 14 damaged houses, — said the Deputy head of national police Vyacheslav Abroskin, who supervised the work of law enforcement officers at the scene. Damaged houses on the streets of Tolstoy, Nakhimov, Soviet, Pans, Mayakovsky street and Bohdan Khmelnytsky”. Many residents were still asleep when the attack began militants. “Lying in bed. Once started, I hid behind the wardrobe, since he is under the window is. The glass, which was knocked out by the explosions, with pieces flying on the bed!” — told police an elderly resident of Krasnogorovka.
Due to the direct hit of shells lit up the school No. 2 and Maryinsky district Central hospital, which at the time were patients. Two women who were injured was undergoing treatment in the neurology Department. Rescuers and police officers under fire evacuated patients and hospital staff to the shelter. Two more inhabitants of Krasnogorovka were injured in their own homes, the fire has covered the residential sector in the area of the plant. In total, according to the Joint center for control and coordination, the shelling was injured eight people. According to the military, militants fired a heavy barrage on the outskirts of the occupied Donetsk.

“With the aim to cause the greatest possible damage to the infrastructure of Krasnogorovka the enemy used rocket systems of volley fire “Grad”, tanks, artillery systems caliber 152 and 122 mm mortars, weapons, infantry fighting vehicles,” — said at the headquarters of the military operation. In addition to residential homes, hospitals and schools, the attacks damaged water systems and sanitation Krasnogorovka, also all day Sunday in the city was the interruptions from mobile phones and electricity.

We will remind, three days ago, the militants had fired a large caliber a hospital, agricultural College and the residential quarters of Krasnogorovka. “In the hospital only managed to insert broken glass and to resume provision of medical care, how is it a new plaque. Regular shelling of the same neighborhoods confirms that the militants are hitting close to Krasnogorovka, consciously and deliberately,” — said Ukrainian military.