How to lose weight while you sleep: eight useful tips

Although the phrase “lose weight while sleeping” is perceived as an advertising slogan, it is a normal physiological process, experts say. It is important to know how to “enable”. According to experts, for this you just need to get a couple of new habits, says health info.

Get enough sleep

To turn into a habit this recommendation under force not to everyone. But if you train yourself to sleep for 8.5 hours per day, you can speed up the process of weight loss twice.

For example, two groups of scientists from Harvard have found: volunteers are conducting in bed 8.5 hours, lose weight twice faster than those who sleep for 5, 5 hours — with the same calorie intake.

Larger studies are conducted, another group of researchers from Harvard. They studied the habits of 353 133 healthy women, who for 10 years had a good sleep. It turned out that the risk of developing type 2 diabetes (associated with overweight) they have a 45% lower compared to those who slept less than 6 hours, who had sleep apnea or other sleep disorders.

Specific figures were cited by the experts of the Mayo clinic. They found that reducing sleep from the usual graphics on 80 minutes adds 549 unspent calories the next day.

Drink milk

A glass of milk before bedtime not only helps sleep but also helps the growth of muscle tissue while you sleep. This is because the milk or yoghurt is rich in casein — a protein that “feeds” the muscles with amino acids. Physiologically works with all.

Whether you are a body Builder or artist who prefer gentle exercise. Muscles in any case will increase, thus speeding up the metabolism and causing the body to burn more calories.

Turn off the heater

A warm blanket is a bad assistant in falling asleep and losing weight. Scientists have discovered that in a cool room the person uses the calories from the storage of white fat to burn brown.

Recall: white adipose tissue is something that accumulates on the thighs and buttocks. Its main task is to store lipids. Brown adipose cells are responsible for thermoregulation and create heat from stored lipids. Roughly speaking, white fat plays the role of wood that fall into the “brown” stove for heating the whole body. This is the case when the extra inches literally burn while you sleep.

Make time for yourself

To fall asleep before his head touches the pillow, the stress to the body. Read a book, do some sewing or any other Hobbies not related to gadgets and TV.

“This may seem like a waste of time, but before bed give yourself 30 minutes, even if you go to sleep later,” advises Rebecca Scott, assistant Professor of neurology at the sleep Center at new York University. — It helps to make sleeping more sound and energy”.

Remove gadgets

Scientists keep saying: at least an hour before bedtime you need to set aside gadgets and move away from computers and televisions. The blue light of the monitor reduces the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Close the curtains

In 2014, researchers from Oxford University studied the health of women who like to sleep in dark rooms. 21% they were less likely to be overweight than those who preferred to sleep with the lamps or open Windows.

Ideally, the General light in the room to extinguish the sun. While in the twilight, you will hoard a lot of melatonin, according to European scientists. But they are unlikely to take into account the peculiarity of the Russian climate.

Do not drink

A couple of glasses of red before bed not reassuring, but rather invigorating. And in the second half of the night.

“This is because the sugar metabolism in alcoholic beverages does not give your body to sleep,” explains Rebecca Scott, assistant Professor of neurology at the sleep Center at new York University.

In 2015, the University of Melbourne said: after a night of libations on the human brain starts a real fireworks of nerve impulses. There can be no weight loss and no sleep.

However, there are tight, hard to sleep and lose weight — science fiction. Work a still have.

“I usually tell my patients that the process of losing weight, this tripod is based on diet, exercise and sleep. Take away one leg and the structure will collapse,” — compares Alexander Sowa, a doctor of the Medical College Weil Cornell.

Relieve stress

Intense physical activity shortly before bedtime will certainly excite the body. Another thing — relaxing yoga asanas, the gentle stretching and exercises with diaphragmatic breathing for weight loss and early sleep.

This approach allows us to calm the parasympathetic nervous system, reduce stress and go to sleep, experts say.

By the way, did we mention sex in addition to a good night’s sleep, this habit is still a lot of advantages.