The show will go on: the main result of the meeting, trump and Putin

In Hamburg on the sidelines of the G20 summit, the first meeting with US President Donald trump and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. In negotiations took part the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The meeting was held behind closed doors and lasted for over two hours. Why the main result of this event is not a ceasefire agreement in Syria or the Declaration of a communication channel in Ukraine.

I would nervously not have considered all the meanings of these words and meetings. From my point of view, it’s all words, words and words. Trump has performed in Poland threatened Russia with dire punishments, told me how bad it is. The next day I went to meet with Putin and said it was an honor to see the President of Russia.

Trump’s words are words that generally should not be taken. He is a showman, if someone does not understand, and already do not understand. He was a showman in Poland, in Hamburg, in Washington. You do not think that the words of the leading TV shows have something of great importance? And trump — his words have no meaning.

If we talk about the communication channel between the US and Russia over Ukraine, the creation of which was announced today, is before the Secretary of state and Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia have not met on the issue of Ukraine? From the beginning of the Russian war in Ukraine in 2014. I don’t really understand what’s new is that they will say. From my point of view, any country if it is not Syria, and the state, to solve problems as they arrive, rather than hope or fear that others will do so. The fact that Russia is a big war in Ukraine will not lead, is perfectly obvious. And not because of trump or Europe. It would not engage in a major war for the reason that Russia never will lead the big wars. Resource of big wars for exhausted Russia. The maximum that it can, three day war in Georgia, to send a limited division or two in the Donbass and to send pilots to bomb the Syrians, who have no air defense.

With regard to the fight against terrorism. Well, Yes, the fight with great success. I will Express a heretical opinion, I have nothing to fear. The problem of international terrorism is the most exaggerated problem from those faced by mankind. Where terrorism has real value is in the middle East. Is Syria, where there is a real war. Also Lebanon, Iraq. It’s real enough in Israel. But global terrorism is 99% international TV.

The attacks, of course, a tragedy for the loved ones of those who were injured or became a victim of terrorist attacks. Over the past few years, when the media in Europe is hammered by the attacks and all conversations begin and end with curses about terrorism, the attacks killed 10 or 100 times less people than in car accidents. But about automobile accidents in Europe, no one holds summits and screaming like crazy. The problem is the problem of traffic safety, police and construction vehicles. The problem of terrorism in Europe — a secret state police. When it works, no attacks, and when it works badly, there are terrorist attacks. That’s all great international terrorism.

The cease-fire in Syria. If someone can explain what business the United States of America and the Russian Federation to who will be the so-called President of the so-called Syria, I with great interest listen to this man. I understand very well what matters to Syria, its neighbors. The Turks, who are concerned about the problem of the Kurds. Israel, concerned about its security. Saudi Arabia, which is at war with Iran by proxy in Syria. That’s their problem, I understand.

What the hell there doing Russia and the United States? What a great happiness to be in the United States if Assad will no longer be called by the President of the Syrian Republic and what a great happiness be in Russia if Assad will be called by the President of the Syrian Republic, I honestly don’t understand. I understand that people in America and Russia want to insist: I said that he would be President, and he will be President. Or I said he will not be President, and he will not be President, because I said. A boy’s obstinacy, a boy’s desire to bend fingers and to fight by proxy to the finish — all these show-off I understand. But what is the real deal the US and Russia to tiny and devastated and almost non-existent Syria, is absolutely impoverished country? Why are other countries not interested in Syria, but America and Russia were obsessed with whether or not Assad will be President? He is no longer President — the country broke into pieces, it is more correct to call him the Governor of Damascus and the surrounding areas. So I don’t think it has any real value.

The importance is the fact that there is contact between the Ladder and Putin. The two greatest showman the beginning of the XXI century — Putin and trump, Pat and Patachon, Plug and Tarapunka, of course, found each other and, of course, contact. They — the people of the same psychological pattern, both madly in love PR, show both these politicians-entertainers. The politician of the XXI century is, first and foremost, a showman who is not for show purposes, but for show.

These two men are, indeed, found each other and will meet and communicate, and how this will affect the politics of their countries — it is generally the second question. The main thing — Show must go on! Trump can blame Russia, but will never criticize Putin. Putin will blame America, but will never criticize trump.

Trump has already made a lot of bad Russia, not in Ukraine and in Syria. He did the simplest thing — making oil and gas supplies from the US to Europe. This is a real threat. Russia has no threats in Syria, excuse me, in the Donbass — it is not a threat. The decline in oil prices and the emergence of a competitor of Gazprom in Europe is a threat. Missiles, bombs and high geopolitics of Russia not threatened, it is threatened by falling income in the budget. But Putin does not care — he doesn’t care about money, he cares about his own PR, as trump’s concerned about his own PR.

I would say that the meeting went quite well. The meeting of two of the show stars. The contact is, and how it will affect policy for these two great entertainers — the second and third questions. Show must go on! The show will go on, no doubt.