New documents: Reconnaissance plane met a UFO over the Mediterranean sea

Well its been another day of UFOs. Or rather, he was on 2 July. One of them all these Days which now infest our almanacs. I won’t go into details about why I think it’s a bad date is someone who wants to read can go to my blog from 2014. Those arguments work now.

But at the front of the UFO it happens a lot, and the concept of “flying saucer” celebrated 70 years on June 24. Then, in 1947, private pilot Kenneth Arnold (Kenneth Arnold) made the observation, which forever imprinted in our creation of two stacked tea saucers, as the image of the unidentified object supposedly of extraterrestrial origin. And this is despite the fact that he never said that it did.

The British armed forces has released its most recent large collection of documents that previously were secret, with reports about unidentified flying objects. The work, which was for many years, and which now must be completed.

Thousands of pages, thus available to everyone who wants to read them, but this time the national archives is an organization that provides access to these documents, we decided not to scan. If you want to read, will have to go there.

One of the documents describes a meeting of the American aircraft radar reconnaissance-type RC-135 and unknown object over the Mediterranean on 19 October 1982. Information about the incident came from the British military base RAF Troodos in Cyprus.

The British military heard as the crew began to shout, asking for help, after the subject with a couple dozen flashing lights suddenly approached the plane at the height of 10 thousand meters.

The object was visible as a naked eye and on radar, and when he started to drive circles around reconnaissance aircraft, the signalman sounded the alarm.

The district sent two us aircraft the F-14 and British fighter type Phantom, but none of the pilots on Board had no time to see before the object, according to the crew of the reconnaissance aircraft, flew away in the direction of Africa.

Then the phenomenon that started around 16.00 local time, was observed for 90 minutes.

Ufologist and Professor of journalism at the University of Sheffield David Clarke (David Clarke), wrote in his blog that the object was not visible on any radar, located on the ground or on one of the ships that were then in the district.

The incident was investigated by the British Ministry of defence for several weeks, and then in November of the same year the results were sent to the American Ministry of defence. What were the results of currently published documents is unclear, says Clark.

What’s worse. Despite the fact that he was recording radar and photography, none of this is given in the report, who now first saw the light. And it is quite clear that the photos were used in connection with the analysis of the incident.

David Clark, however, notes that it was the Mirage from Israel or Lebanon.

This explanation does not seem exhaustive. According to the report, the object is moved just a few miles from the reconnaissance aircraft, circling around it and was visible to all the crew for 90 minutes. Of course, the difficulty of evidence, but here we also have registration data of radar of the plane.

Regardless of the explanation, the report is interesting. The question is, is it possible to find more documents in the American archive, where they should be. That the British Ministry of harrows destroyed all of the content, and thereby all the possibilities for those who want to understand what really happened is unfortunate, but entirely consistent with how such reports about UFO’s done before.

So now the question arises, whether there were photographs and findings in any American archive.