Freedom House appealed to Russia for detention in Crimea

The international organization Freedom House called on Russia to release detained in the occupied Crimea the lawyer Emile Kubedinova and Crimean Tatar activist Seyran Salieva. This is stated in the statement of the organization.

The statement indicates that the invaders turned the Peninsula into a powerless territory, which regularly violate human rights.

“Russia must release Kubedinova and Salieva and begin to respect international law in the occupied territories. Ongoing violations by the Russian forces of the main legal principles have transformed in the territory of Crimea, where basic human rights are no longer respected and where there is little hope for a legal solution to the problems with security forces,” – said Vice-President of the Freedom House international programs Robert Herman.

Recall, January 25, in occupied to the Crimea the staff of FSB detained the lawyer Nicholas Polozova and taken for questioning in the case of the Deputy of Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people Ilmi Umerov. A few hours later he was released.

The next day, January 26, the staff of FSB detained the lawyer Emile Kubedinova, which also conducted a house search. Colleagues of the lawyer say that the occupiers want to charge him with extremism.

Also suffered from the actions of the occupiers and another Crimean Tatar Seyran Saliev, who was given 12 days in jail. “Court” accused him of “spreading extremist materials”.