To Europe by car: you need to visit and what signs might meet on the road

For more than a month in Ukraine is a visa-free regime and the people continue to storm the border with the European Union. Recall that our travelers can stay in Europe for three months for six months. For air-tourists, everything is easy: for visa waiver to the border guards need to present a biometric passport and, on request, return ticket, hotel reservation and the necessary amount of money for all days of stay (amount per day is calculated for each country separately).

But those who are going to travel around Europe on your own car, should take into account some important nuances and be familiar with the rules of the road. The latter, incidentally, can not only surprised, but pretty amuse. “Today” has collected the most funny and unusual road signs in Europe and the world, and made a brief statement to bezveza driving.


To travel around Europe on his “four-wheeled horse” and bezveze Ukrainian motorists need to take into account some important nuances.

First, the driver must have a national driving licence of the new sample (plastic with English translation). In addition, the machine should be the identification mark of Ukraine for traveling abroad — sticker with the inscription “UA”, which you can buy in any office supply store for 10 UAH.

Secondly, it is important to remember that in Europe, all strictly with accidents on the roads: drivers have in addition to the compulsory insurance on the car insurance must be issued an international insurance policy for travel abroad — Green Card. It is possible to purchase a home or to make already at the border. The question price — around 400-500 UAH.

In addition, you need to have the registration certificate of the car issued on a visa-free traveler. If the rider has no right of ownership he’s going to have to issue a document for travel abroad in the service center of the Ministry of interior. For this you need to have a statement of the owner of the machine or the document confirming the right of use of the machine.

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Also when traveling it is worth remembering that individual number (consists of names, nicknames) abroad are not recognized on the machine must only be the state license plate numbers and letters.

Remember you need about the technical characteristics of the car. The guards may not be allowed if you have a cracked windshield, body badly damaged, not working headlights or internal system. Also many European countries have banned studded tires, window tint and autorader. Because experienced travelers suggest before you go go and find out what restrictions are working in the country in which the planned journey.

It is important to remember that the border guard can ask the tourist the purpose of the trip and “return ticket”. And if the air travelers have a return ticket as a guarantee, motorists are advised to be ready to show route and itinerary.

And finally, what should be considered for road border crossings are always long queues. Therefore, when planning a trip, it is better to lay a minimum of two hours at the border.

Finland: watch out for moose!

If you decide, for example, to visit the famous residence of Santa Claus or simply enjoy the winter beauty of Europe Finland, be careful driving in some parts of the track might pop up moose! The thing is that, according to official data, the country is home to more than 100 thousand of these Horny beauties, and every year on Finnish roads is about 1.5 thousand road accident with their participation. To save lives as drivers, and these mighty beasts along the highways post warning signs with a picture of this animal.

Italy: warning, prostitutes!

In the Italian province of Treviso believe that a direct threat to road safety are… women of easy virtue. The appropriate character set in order to reason with the onlookers behind the wheel. But at the same time to attract tourists to the city.

Germany: use the toilet!

The German authorities declared the fight fans to celebrate the small and big need on roadsides and in forests. Those who ignore the appropriate sign, will have to pay from 40 to 100 Euro fine (1200-3000 UAH).

Denmark: save your theLKI!

If you are a lady and decided to walk around the city of Aarhus, you’re in luck — authorities have identified the area where the pavers threatens your heels. The first to do this on the eve of the festival, worrying about the legs ladies.

UK: stray bullet

The unexpected sign can see the drivers passing in Dorset Bay Lovert — it says “unexpected firing”. But not to worry: the fact that nearby army range, where from time to time conduct training exercises.

Thailand: the way drunk people!

This fun sign can be seen on the roads of Thailand Phuket. Signs of the creeping man usually installed near the hot spot of nightlife that drivers were slowing down and were ready for leaping into the road drunk Kucinich.

USA: don’t run illegal!

But the American drivers are asked to be careful on the road not only to animals but to… illegal migrants. These signs depicting a running family hung along the roads in the bordering Mexican States. Apparently, signs with the caption “Caution!” should warn drivers about running on the road people. By the way, the border between USA and Mexico is considered the most traversed in the world: legally every year it is crossed by 350 million people and 0.5 million illegal.

USA, UAE and Australia: deer, camels and eagles

Actually, in many countries, Pets have become their favorite characters on road signs. So, for example, in Australia along highways are warning of running where they want, kangaroos and eagles flying low, and US authorities are warning drivers about deer-suicide. In Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, motorists must give way to camels, and in Sweden very anxious care about safety on the roads scurrying hedgehogs.

Slovenia: the strongest kids in the world

Judging by the road signs in Slovenia live the most rowdy and energetic students in the world — the sign they are shown jumping out of the usual triangle. This sign is actually denoted by school area driving in which the driver has got to slow down. And drama mark added, apparently in order to remind the driver what kind of unpredictable and mobile babies.