Ex-wife of Putin makes millions of dollars on rent – Reuters

The ex-wife of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Lyudmila has helped to create and now supports the Foundation that owns the historic property in Moscow and receiving millions of dollars for the surrender of its lease, reports Reuters, reports “RBC-Ukraine”.

It is reported that the income from the rent paid to a private company, which is owned by Skrebneski Lyudmila Alexandrovna, whose name coincides with the maiden name of the ex-wife of Putin. The rental income coming from the historic Volkonsky mansion house in the centre of Moscow, which belongs to the Fund “Center of development of interpersonal communications”.

It is reported that Lyudmila Putin helped create this non-profit Foundation in 2002. It is known that in 2006, she was a Trustee of the Fund, supported his literary award and the publishing unit. Provided that the Fund has offices in the Volkonsky house, but most of the building for rent, including two major state-owned banks. So, only Russian Bank VTB for 2015 paid over $ 2 million rent.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Russia the ex-wife of Vladimir Putin, Lyudmila, which manages the Fund “Center of development of interpersonal communications,” received from the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin 250 million rubles.