Why Putin is useless to talk

This week, the national security adviser of the White House General G. R. McMaster (H. R. McMaster) informed the journalists about the absence of “specific agenda” for the upcoming meeting between President trump and Russian President Putin at the G20 summit in Hamburg. Trump focus on “what wants to talk to the President,” said McMaster.

Press reports indicate that trump has instructed his staff to draw up a plan that he could offer Putin; presumably to demonstrate that nothing will stop him to negotiate with his Russian counterpart — not given in the US investigation, no worry about introducing Putin to the threat. The press is not just wrong in the presentation of the operating principles of the apparatus of trump, but there are many reasons to believe that trump still hopes for a deal with Moscow. In the end, throughout his last campaign, and later the presidency, trump has consistently expressed a desire to improve relations with Russia and Putin.

So why would the President not to try? It is best to answer this question, by asking another: are there any relations with the Putin regime? The answer is a resounding “no.” A brief glance at recent events is enough to convince any reasonable person that with Russia it is impossible to cooperate moreover, she has no desire to do so.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a good relationship with Russia? Wouldn’t it be good if we joined Russia to crush ISIS (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization — approx. transl.)?”, — not once talked trump. But do not forget that when Russia intervened in the Syrian war at the end of September 2015, she did not in order to fight against ISIL, and to support the bloody Assad regime. Most of the airstrikes carried out by Russia was caused not by ISIS, but the moderate Syrian opposition forces, including those that have been prepared by the United States, as well as civilians and humanitarian convoys. A very real risk of collision between American and Russian planes in the skies over Syria, because between us continued disagreement over who is a terrorist and who is the moderate opposition. Pacification in Syria, it is equally important both on the ground and in the sky, however, we must not entertain illusions regarding the assistance offered by Russia in the fight against ISIS. In fact, the administration of the tramp copes in the war with the group and without the help from Moscow — the so-called Caliphate is coming closer and closer to oblivion.

Want more evidence of Putin’s willingness to use terrorists for their own purposes? In Afghanistan, Russia has actively armed and supported the Taliban attacks on U.S. forces. And how earlier this year, admitted to the Senate, General John Nicholson (John Nicholson), it means that Moscow knowingly helped al-Qaeda (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization — approx. transl.), which uses raised by the Taliban (not a terrorist organization — approx. transl.) the uprising as a medium for its own operations.

Maybe Putin can help us with North Korea? Unlikely. Russia has no influence on the bloody regime of the KIMS and is close to that possessed by China. And in those trifles that Moscow could be useful, she did the opposite. For example, between North Korea and Russia for the first time opened a new ferry way, despite calls from the United States to cut ties with Pyongyang from nuclear and missile tests carried out last.

What about Iran? True, Russia has played a part in concluding a nuclear agreement in 2015, however, it also sells Iran advanced air defense systems and other weapons and equipment, and works closely with Tehran, supporting the Assad regime in Syria. Relations between Moscow and Tehran is not too deep and imbued with mutual distrust, but they have a long history of disappearing in the days before the cold war. As is the case with Assad in Syria and the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Way loves to support local opponents of the US in the region to get a great opportunity somewhere else.

In regard to digital security, Russia is responsible for the worst foreign intervention in the American elections in our history. The same people carry out the same actions throughout Europe. Given that the Russians continue to deny any responsibility for their own behavior, how much can we expect from the talks with Moscow about digital security?

Generally speaking, the Putin regime simply refuses to follow the agreements executed with him or his predecessors. He broke agreements on controlling weapons, designing and testing missiles in defiance of the Treaty on the elimination of INF. He never followed the terms on which the armistice was signed with Georgia after the 2008 invasion. He has not fulfilled the requirements of the Minsk agreement following the illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014 and ongoing invasion of Eastern Ukraine. He violated the Budapest Memorandum of 1994, a Treaty of friendship with Ukraine of 1997, and the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity. He did not comply with peace agreements in Syria. And it severely violates the rights of its own population, despite the fact that the OSCE and the European Council, and signed the Declaration of human rights.

In other words, Putin does not deserve the slightest trust the source. His regime is corrupt through and through and is a threat to their own people, its neighbours and the West.

Every administration since the cold war was expected to succeed in relations with Russia, failed where the previous. Each left disappointed. Maybe this perpetual cycle of collapsed hopes should be repeated again, but in an increasingly dangerous modern world would be much better if the administration would trump avoided “training” period. By the end of his reign, President Obama is finally emboldened enough to respond to the constant Russian provocations. President Trump would have cost to adopt the predecessor’s baton.

• Significantly increase, not simply maintain existing sanctions.

• Significantly increase support for moderate and inclined to reform forces in Russia.

• Strengthen neighbor Russia to provide military assistance to Ukraine to help it defend itself against Russian aggression, and to strengthen the defense of the NATO allies along the Russian border.

• To work on preventing the import of corruption from Russia, into our own system and infecting it.

• Support alternative sources of energy in Europe and to expand the export of American energy resources.

Trump should avoid establishing personal relationships with the Russian leader, or creating the impression that he too wants to be friends with Moscow. It should point to the deteriorating situation with human rights in Russia and to deny any moral Parallels between Putin’s Russia and the United States. He should not leave Russia’s neighbors in its zone of influence no great deals, agreements, concessions, contracts, as well as through your own indifference.

The sad truth is that Russia needs to demonstrate that its ongoing provocations and destabilization has reached unacceptable boundaries and turn against her. The conversations with the thieves, bloody and deceitful Putin regime simply won’t work.

Next time, when President trump will ask: “wouldn’t it be good if we established relations with Russia?”, ask reciprocal questions: How many more must be killed or poisoned Russian liberal activists? How many more countries must invade, Putin? How many Ukrainians have to die? How many should be killed civilians in Syria? And how many elections must be subject to his intervention, yet we do not realize the threat to our existence posed by the Putin regime?”