Venezuelan authorities take control of the production of bread in the country

The Venezuelan government together with the army began to take control of bakeries and bakery shops, hoping to restore production and to solve the problem of shortage of bread in the country, according to the portal Nacional.

Superintendent of Venezuela for the protection of socio-economic rights of the people William Contreras said Tuesday that the regime of control by the government will operate 90 days, and only in Caracas this may relate to hundreds of bakeries. However, he did not rule out that in the event of further violations in the sale of bread production data can be expropriated, according to the portal.

The critical situation with the provision of bread led to the emergence of large queues in shops. Authorities believe that the bakers deliberately hiding supplies of flour to do not cheap bread, and produce more expensive products, in the form of cakes and sweets or resell obtained at subsidized prices flour.

Earlier, Venezuelan authorities tried the same way to deal with excessive, in their opinion, prices in large retail chains. So, in 2015, the state transferred control of the privately-owned store network Dia Dia.

The campaign against high prices began in Venezuela in 2013, when it was confiscated chain Daka, and her goods sold out. The management of the network was under arrest. According to the authorities, the prices at which goods were sold to Daka, 1000% higher than the purchase. Meanwhile, according to the internal norms of the country, this margin may not exceed 30% without adequate justification.