Assad’s fate in the hands of Russia or the fate of Russia and America in the hands of Assad?

America is not abandoning games to slippery words… Thanks to our cooperation with political circles in the US, we began to realize that she won’t change the words. Rather, it will change the structure of the sentence so that has not changed its meaning… This is a problem for everyone who talks with that country about peace with Israel… Since its creation, America repeats the same words… for Example, she insists that the phrase “peace in the middle East,” the word “process”… We are faced with discussions of processes and activities which may take years and perhaps even centuries, and will not end even on the Last Day, after all, we are still at the stage of the “peace process”…

Yesterday, the genius of American speeches gave us another new fresh product, launched Tillerson… Many thought it was a kind of victory, while opponents of suppressed fury, and their faces became darker… But both sides were wrong. The Americans have declared that they recognize the fact that the fate of President Assad is currently in the hands of Russia… America wants to bring to our consciousness those words so that we didn’t even notice…

This phrase offends all… the Syrian opposition side, supporting the Assad regime and the Russians… whoever reads these words, perceiving them as a loser and failure of America is not right… because all this war in which we fought and which killed tens of thousands of people, was in order to prevent a situation when the fate of the Syrian people is in someone’s hands.

The phrase “Assad’s fate is in the hands of Russia” means that America doesn’t want to think about the fact that the Syrian people can have their own position, and it plays an important historical role. In addition, we cannot ignore the fact that the most important decisions of the President influence the other person, regardless of who they are and from which country. Such words humiliate even members of the opposition, with dignity and understand what is going on. After all, the meaning of this message is that regardless of their beliefs and belonging to any party, the Syrians do not allow others to choose their fate and the name of their President.. If this will be the someone to decide, it will be America or Russia, but obviously not the people…

As for Russia, America humiliates her, gives the opportunity to control the fate of the Syrian people. The United States put her in that position, if she fights in order to play the authoritarian and monopolistic role in the decisions of fate and the President of another country… Russia’s Military presence in Syria has turned into a kind of colonial power because Moscow has received enormous influence, which gives it the right to decide the fate of President… adds fuel to the fire by Russian troops, the occupation of these territories, because it contributed to the General recognition of the fact that Russia has received a mandate to govern it due to its military intervention… However, if Moscow will agree with these words, all her statements about Syria’s future and the need to provide the Syrian people the right to make independent decisions, is a lie… Russia refused to negotiate on behalf of the President of the Syrian Arab Republic, rejecting Western “care” and using its veto power… If Moscow will agree with Tillerson’s words, all her actions will be meaningless, and the Secretary of state will use the slogans, and then blame it on someone else..

That is why the Syrian people are a little worried that detects and find that America sooner or later… because, as the fate of the king of Saudi Arabia is in the hands of the United States and the fate of the Emir of Qatar and other Royal families in the occupied Persian Gulf… Except in the hands of America is the fate of Saad Hariri (Lebanese Prime Minister — approx. ed.), the king of Jordan and his wife… the American Ambassador even able to decide the fate of the Union in Beirut on 14 March… But as for the fate of the Syrian people, then only he should choose his own way… that is why even the smallest soldiers of the Syrian army can affect our destiny more than the President of the United States.


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— Maarten Wolterink (@mwcartoons) 16 APR 2017

If we want to play a game of American expressions, and to say that we decide the fate of the US President and the Prime Minister of Israel, then our words will be close to the truth.. So, for example, through our fueling the Iraqi insurgency George Bush, Obama was chosen President of the United States and withdrew its troops from Iraq… But for the failure of Barack Obama to the project for change in Syria were paid by his political party and a new candidate from Hillary Clinton, which would continue the plan of his predecessor… But from failure and disappointments of Obama in Syria was won by businessman Donald trump, who said that we need to abandon the Syrian revolution and to stop interfering to such an extent in the East… trump will pay for their recklessness and thoughtlessness, if you still want to pursue a policy of “bravado”… This applies to Netanyahu… before us the example of… Olmert Ehud Olmert has lost the connection to the axis of resistance in a fierce struggle with Hizbollah, what was the basis of his support of the Syrian people and the army… that’s why he voluntarily left the post of Prime Minister, and was subsequently accused of corruption and went to prison, where he was waiting for a tragic end. If he had the pleasure to shake the hand of President Bashar al-Assad, would enter the history of Israel as one of the prophets and great kings, such as Solomon and David… At the same time Ariel Sharon was a hero in the eyes of the Israelis, even though the corruption case involving his son, Gilad. The locals treated him with tolerance, Sharon even managed to protect her son from prison after the Gilad — child hero who carried out the operation in Egypt concluded the camp David accords, the results of which was the control over the Sinai Peninsula.


Based on the foregoing, we understand that America is only throwing dust in the eyes… Accepting the fact that Assad’s fate is in the hands of Russia, you need to understand that accepted American principle of “the fate of Nations is in the hands of other countries”, according to which it is necessary to abandon the sovereignty of other countries… the U.S. “blind eye” and not notice the dangerous reality because of their arrogance, namely, that the fate of a country is determined by other people, and America will have to endure the weight of their resentment.

Russia understands this fact and realizes that he can win, if you make a bet on the Syrian people. That’s why she insists that the world adhered to their decision. In addition, Moscow is confident that Bashar al-Assad is the best solution and the choice of civilians in Syria… that is why America tried to overthrow him…

Over time, the manipulation of words, and the demand for such goods fell. Now only stupid people buy it. Goods of today become the will, struggle and pride… we Have the desire to fight… so whoever has the will to fight and is proud that it has the right to determine not only their fate, but the fate of the world.