Strict parenting leads to problems in school – study

Children of very strict parents teaching at the school is given worse. This was announced by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, who has studied direct and indirect effects of strict parenting in shaping the child’s behavior.

The results of their work are published in the journal Child Development.

In the beginning of the study the number of participants amounted to 1482 people, which scientists have observed for nine years – since seventh grade. By the end they were left with 1060 people.

All participants in the study were of different races, of different social groups, from different cities. They reported the manifestation of their parents, verbal or physical aggression, the researchers also collected information about their communication with peers, tendency to crime, sexual behaviour and academic success.

Participants whose parents raised them in severity, were more likely to ninth grade to obey the authority of their peers to demonstrate risky behaviour, early start of sex life. All this led to poor performance and increases the possibility of being expelled from school or College.

As explained by the authors of the study, this is because teenagers, whose needs are not being met the closest people begin to seek confirmation of its significance from peers. And it does not always lead to positive results.