What is at stake, when trump finally meet with Putin

Hamburg — on Friday, President trump will finally sit down with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and while the square logo with the image of the node that adorn this German port city, indicate that there is a G20 summit meeting on the sidelines of the summit between Russia and the US makes the whole world breathless.

Syria, Ukraine and the fight against terrorism will be discussed when the two presidents on the background of anti-globalization protests for the first time to meet face to face for a conversation, which will last 35 minutes.

But these issues will become a seed at the meeting, whose dynamics is determined by the investigation against the President of the United States, the accused that his electoral campaign was in cahoots with Russia and the leader of the Kremlin suspected of supporting hacker attacks and the dissemination of misinformation in favor of trump.

On Thursday, trump once again refuted the idea that Russia acted in its interests during the 2016 election that, as it may seem, corresponds to one of the main goals of the Kremlin. Any sign from trump about what Moscow and Washington can cast aside past disagreements and start a new relationship will be a victory of Putin.

When Putin and trump shook hands during their first meeting on Friday at the summit Big twenty, which brought together the leading economies of the world, their body language was indicative of the friendliness. Video on Facebook of the German government shows how Putin is doing a little friendly gesture with her forefinger and smiles, and pats trump the Russian leader’s forearm. Press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov said that trump and Putin exchanged pleasantries and said “see you later”.

Two tweets later on Friday, trump said that looked forward to the meeting, saying: “I represent our country and fight for her interests!”

The Kremlin announced that Putin will convince trump to promise that the U.S. return the property, which the previous U.S. administration withdrew from Russia at the end of December, in response to her allegedly conducted the hacking attack and disinformation campaign.

The administration trump has hinted it may return those objects that, according to the Obama administration, was used for intelligence gathering. But at home trump was faced with the protests of both parties, who do not want the abolition of sanctions against someone in Washington, many think the enemy seeking to undermine democratic institutions and weaken the USA’s world leadership.

“Return these two objects of Russia on the background of the fact that the Kremlin refuses to reconsider its campaign of influence directed against the United States, will urge President Vladimir Putin and provoke a dangerous increase of the Kremlin, undertaking destabilizing actions against democracies around the world,” wrote Thursday in a letter to Trump US senators Jeanne Shaheen (Jeanne Shaheen), Marco Rubio (Marco Rubio) and johnny Isakson (Johnny Isakson), all members of the foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate.

Recently the Senate voted 97 to 2 in favor of sanctions against Russia in the framework of the amendments to the bill on sanctions against Iran. They “require a strict consideration by Congress of any decision to amend or cancel existing policies with respect to Russia, including the return of these two cottages, as well as impose new sanctions, limiting the aggression of Russia against USA and their allies.”

On the eve of the summit, during his speech in Poland, trump has filed contradictory signals, calling on Russia “to end its destabilizing activity in Ukraine and other places, and stop supporting hostile regimes, including Syria and Iran.”

Press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov said at a briefing on Friday that Putin was informed of these comments and that the Russian leader “will take that into consideration”.

“Let’s wait for the results of the meeting, Peskov said. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves”.

Along with these confrontational statements on Thursday, trump also reiterated their support for the position, which is shared by Putin, saying that “nobody really knows” who hacked into U.S. elections, and putting into question the statements by American intelligence services on the Russian intervention on the grounds that they were wrong when they said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction before the invasion of the United States in 2003.

Both these statements coincide with the natural position of the Kremlin on the elections, making it an interesting hand to look at the US President, who once openly sought to become a “new best friend” Putin.

Most recently, trump caused a stir when met with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the White house and shared with him intelligence information about ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.) received from Israel.

Russian observers are also of the opinion that Putin, an experienced leader with clear objectives, well prepared and always responsive, will have a significant advantage over a politician, a beginner, which is what led the free world through the stump-deck, that confused even the closest allies of the United States.

And while the Sands this week suggested not to expect anything but the welcome meeting, the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson has put forward a proposal which could expand us-Russian cooperation in Syria.

Ahead of the meeting, trump and Putin, Tillerson has held a one hour conversation with Lavrov, said the Ministry of foreign Affairs. “The parties discussed key issues of international and bilateral agenda”, — said in the Ministry statement.

Peskov said that Putin is talking about Russia’s concerns in connection with the fact that Ukraine violates the Minsk peace accords calling for cease-fire in connection with the proceeding three years war with Pro-Russian separatists. US sanctions in response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea was introduced in order to punish Moscow for military support of the separatists, which Putin denies. Ukraine reported that recently detained a soldier who, she said, worked for the Russian military, which is another proof.

It is also expected that Putin will put pressure on trump, that he supported the plan to de-escalate tensions on the Korean Peninsula, suggesting North Korea will stop its program to develop ballistic missiles, and the US and South Korea cancel their large-scale missile exercises.

First of all, Putin hopes to establish relationships that will open opportunities for transactions in the future, if and when you decrease the pressure on trump in the United States in connection with the Russian intervention, even if they have to put up with mixed signals from trump.

Russian politicians expect trump “will show the external tension with respect to Putin for critics at home, and they will be able to cope with it”, says Vladimir Frolov, an independent political analyst in Moscow. “Provided that in private trump will make it clear that he wants to turn the page to their mutual discontent and to begin to rebuild relations with Russia without requiring immediate changes in policy of Russia in Ukraine and in Syria.”