Music festival without the men — no less Swedish than dry bread

The message that the festival Bravalla will be closed because of allegations of crimes of a sexual nature, aroused considerable controversy.

Soon after, the comedian Knockara Emma (Emma Knyckare) has decided to organize a music festival for women only.

Vad tror ni om att vi styr ihop en asfet festival dit bara icke är välkomna män som vi kör tills ALLA män har lärt sig hur en beter sig?

— Emma Knyckare (@Knyckare) 2 Jul 2017

“How about to organize a cool festival, which will let only nemuchin, and to hold it until then, until ALL men learn to behave?”

The scandal of the festival without men

Reaction is predictably divided according to political lines. Joyful cries from the left software. A devastating critique of the right of the adherents of the slogan “not all men…”.

A similar debate going in various forms for several years now. They always stretch from one political pole to another. At its core, this question determines what kind of country Sweden is, what is our true fundamental values. Whether we live on the edge or in the best of worlds? No Swede has not passed this division in recent years.

If the same question is put outside the country, the reaction, however, remains clear.

In the years that I worked in the US, I constantly asked questions about the Swedish health care, social services, and feminism, saying all this with raised eyebrows and dreamy eyes.

Even if I began to talk about polar bears roaming the streets of Stockholm, I wouldn’t cause such a shock, which occurs when people learned the basics of Swedish parental insurance.

Sweden is a feminist fairy Kingdom

And under this angle, Sweden is an extraordinary country with a unique feminist movement — the international press considers the closing of the festival in Breville.

The American magazine Newsweek published an article entitled “Sweden will hold a music festival without men, while men learn to behave”.

Independent, the BBC and the Daily Mail also write, each for his task force, that the said Emma Knockara in his tweet.

But their main point was clear: again, they are his own. This Sweden, Northern desert country again solves its problems through equity and — depending on who you talk to — absolutely extreme and completely utopian feminism.

You can think of on this issue all you want. But still, in the eyes of the world music festival without men is no less Swedish phenomenon than crisp bread or the celebration of the summer solstice.