A warning about the Russian occupation of Finnmark

“What is happening in the East of Ukraine terrifying. There is not quite identified the soldiers involved in what I would call slabonervnym conflict,” says the editor of the journal MilitærTeknikk Bjorn Dumas, Josefsen (Bjørn Domaas Josefsen) in an interview with NRK.

Dumas, Josefsen believes that a military scenario in which the powerful Russian units moving through Finnmark and Northern Finland, in parallel with the attack of combat ships all along the Norwegian coast, is outdated.

Instead, he suggests, political conflict can grow and develop into the occupation of some parts of Norway.

“Then the occupation is used as a means of pressure on the Norwegian government to gain political benefits”, — said the editor of the magazine in an interview with NRK.

Enough for application of article 5 of NATO

Newspaper Befalsbladet officers ‘ Union of Norway advocates a thorough re-equipment of the Norwegian ground forces, to enable them to resist the occupying power and to hold on until the arrival of the NATO on assistance of Norway.

“From the Norwegian point of view, the danger of this occupation is that it is not serious enough to obtain support for NATO allies, especially in Europe generally tense situation. This is insufficient for the implementation of article 5 of the NATO Treaty,” says Josephsen.

“Speculative compromise”

The head of the peace Council of Norway advises not to listen to the words of Dumosa Josefsen and calls his statement “a speculative compromise” that contains a big risk that can cause misunderstandings.

“There is a big difference between Russia’s actions in Ukraine and that Russia intended to take in respect of Norway. Historically, we have a peaceful border with Russia, which should underpin our decisions,” says Langemyr (Langemyr) journalists of NRK.