On vacation with peace of mind: how to prepare your office before the holidays

Vacation –long-awaited period in the life of every person. And as if you are in a hurry to go to rest, you need to prepare your office before the holidays.

This will demonstrate your professionalism, good manners and politeness, as well as increase the chances that you will not be disturbed on vacation for nothing, reports rabota.ua.

How to politely leave, observing the rules of business etiquette, said the etiquette expert Diane Gottsman.

Let me know when you are not at work

Remind the people with whom you maintain regular working contacts, that you will be absent in advance. Such a warning a few weeks will allow them to plan their work with you.

Before going on vacation – create an email auto-response, which will notify you what on what number you will have, and whether you will check emails during this period. Add in the letter the name and contact details of officer to be contacted in case of urgent questions.

Specify who from colleagues will have to replace

Before going on vacation, ask someone of my colleagues will have to be replaced at this time. Make sure that the person will be able to cope with situations that could theoretically arise. The day before the holiday, discuss with your colleagues and boss, in what state are the questions and projects that you will be replaced. Do not forget to thank them for this assistance.

Create step by step instructions

Prepare a small manual, which can be useful to a colleague who might not be familiar with your work. So humans will be more information about what you need to do in a particular case.

Get in the office before leaving

It would be nice to not only your colleagues, but you when you get back. Eliminate unnecessary snacks from the boxes or office refrigerator. Unplug from outlet things that you now will not need lamps, sound system, charging and all other electronic devices. Such preparations can be a great “shift” for the holidays.