Kasparov announced his return

“Erotic dream”, — said the expert NRK.

On Wednesday evening, Garry Kasparov (54 years) announced his return to chess. Russian, which was definitely the best player of the nineties, will have in August to play at the tournament Grand Chess Tour in St. Louis.

In a press release, published on Friday, Kasparov said nothing about how long it will take him back.

This news made the Thorstein Baeh (Torstein Bae), known for his broadcasts on the topic of chess in NRK, start a small thought experiment. We must ensure that Kasparov was Carlsen’s next opponent at the world Cup in 2018?

As Baeh said on Twitter, it’s possible.

“I don’t think it’s a joke. But it’s a free flight of fancy, a fascinating idea,” says Baeh in an interview with Aftenposten.

“Karslen (Carlsen) and Kasparov — two people, which many consider to be the greatest in the history of chess. It would be great if they made each other world Cup, but this is the distant future. This implies that Kasparov first break all the others in St. Louis to feel the taste of blood,” says BAE.

You need to perform two points

Qualification tournaments world Cup next year is in full swing. Eight players must participate in qualifying to win the right to play in the tournament. Winner gets the right to meet Magnus Carlsen in the struggle for the chess crown, as did Sergey Karjakin in 2016.

This race will not be easy for Kasparov. But in paragraph 2.5 of the rules of the International chess Federation FIDE for tournaments of applicants, there is a loophole that may benefit from the legendary chess player. This implies that it performs two paragraphs:

• Obtain minimum rating of 2725.

• To be invited “wildcard” from the organizer of the candidates tournament.

In addition, Kasparov, of course, must be willing to call Magnus Carlsen for the world championship. While there is no full clarity.

The first paragraph will not be any problem for Kasparov. Sites Russian FIDE has a rating of 2812. But this rating has not yet been confirmed. This means that Kasparov needs only to play again the official party.

“He needs to play just one game. It can, for example, are team tournaments. He could play one game in the German Bundesliga. This is one of the possibilities,” says BAE.

The second item, “wildcard”, it may be more complex to implement. Kasparov several times take a critical stance in relation to FIDE and the world Cup tournaments organizes it.

“This is a problem. Kasparov strained relationship with the International chess Federation. It can be very serious. At the same time, the participation of Kasparov has great commercial value, this will create a very different interest. Never say never,” says Baeh.

The very same “wildcard” chooses not to FIDE and the organizer of the candidates tournament. Usually the event organizer invites you to participate in the candidates tournament the players from their country.

The difference between these two

But meanwhile, not everyone is limited to two paragraphs. Kasparov needs to win the candidates tournament to get the opportunity to meet with Magnus Carlsen. All the evidence suggests that this will be a very difficult task, although Kasparov last year is well established in the informal tournament of rapid chess against world-class players.

Meeting of the Carlsen-Kasparov is very unlikely to happen. But this does not prevent to dream the fans of chess as Thorstein Baeh.

“It’s an erotic dream,” says Baeh.

— Aftenposten: How would look the world championship between Kasparov and Carlsen?

— Baeh: There is a very big difference in play style these two. Kasparov was extremely aggressive and focused on the defeat of the opponent in the opening. He was very well prepared. Magnus has a completely different style. He is content with equal position in the opening, before you send opponents to the bottom after five or six hours of play. Kasparov has tried to exert strong pressure on Magnus in the opening. Magnus had to work very hard in the first phase, then for its ability to squeeze Kasparov in the endgame.

Manager about duel: It would be great

The Manager of Magnus Carlsen, Agdestein Espen (Espen Agdestein) thinks that Kasparov has a chance to beat the world champion, if he comes back.

On Friday evening Agdestein denied the statement about the need to organize a meeting between Carlsen and Kasparov. But he did not rule out such a possibility.

“If Kasparov will succeed very well, it seems that many would want to see them duel. It would be great, but this requires that Kasparov showed that he had won this right. Have to wait,” said Agdestein.

Magnus Carlsen will play a rapid chess and blitz in St. Louis, where, marking his return to chess play Kasparov.