Important story line of “Game of thrones”, which you might have missed

WARNING: SPOILERS! This post contains spoilers for the fifth episode of the seventh season of “Game of thrones”.


If anything, I warned.


People, my God! “Game of thrones” hid in this series a huge Easter egg and did it so quickly and carelessly that you can be forgiven if you missed it (Sam clearly missed it).


“Maynard says here that he gave the Prince “Ruggero” confirmation of termination of the marriage and at the same time re-married him to someone else at a secret ceremony in Dorne”.

Yes, it’s Jilly says about the parents of John.

As you know, Jilly learned to read priceless “cinnamon rolls” — Shireen Baratheon (how touching) — and in the Citadel she selflessly absorb book after book, while Sam is shoveling shit.

It has moved forward, but still not very good pronounces individual words — which is especially clear when it comes to the names of the Targaryens. So when she says the word “Rigger” just refers to Prince Rhaegar Targaryen.


You know that Rhaegar Targaryen is probably the father of John snow. He is believed to have kidnapped the mother of John, Leanne stark, but many fans have long felt that actually they ran off together.


The accidental discovery of Jilly confirms the long version of the fans that at first Rhaegar has terminated his marriage with Elia Martell, and then married Leanne stark.

This means that Jon snow is not a “half-breed”. He is the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryen. In other words, he’s the next in line to the throne to the Targaryens.

It’s funny that in this series he first approaches the dragon.

We don’t know why Rhaegar decided to terminate my marriage to Elia, but must have had good reason. It is worth considering that they have Elia already had two children, and legitimizing Jon, he was deprived of the legal rights of others their offspring.

The Rhaegar was obsessed with prophecies, and therefore probably felt the need to legitimize the rights of John, who will one day become king to fulfill some kind of destiny — for example, the prophecy about the Prince.

Remember back in season two in the House Immortal, Daenerys was visited by a vision? In the books it is slightly different: there, she sees Rhaegar talking to a woman about what his son is the promised Prince. Most readers think it is Rhaegar talking to Elia about their son Aegon, but given what we know now, perhaps it really was about Lianna stark and John snow.

“Hair of the man was the same as her brother, but he was taller, with eyes the color of Indigo, and lilac. “Aegon — he turned to the woman, kachusha a baby. — Can there be a better name for a king?” “Will you write him a song?” — asked the woman. “He has a song,’ replied the man. — He is the Prince that was promised, and his song — a song of ice and fire”. Saying this, he looked up and his eyes met Dany, and it seemed like he saw her standing at the door. “You should see another one, he said, but Denis could not understand to whom he refers: to her or to the woman in bed. — The dragon has three heads”.


Of course, this scene could not happen in reality, precisely because Rhaegar died before the birth of John. But visions are seldom exactly true.

By whatever reasons motivated the Rhaegar, the result is: Jon snow is a legitimate Targaryen greater rights to the throne than Daenerys.

This may not a joke to bring Daenerys because one of its main incentives was the belief that she is the last Scion of the Targaryen and the only person with the legitimate right to the throne. But then again, if she finds out that she is not the last in the family that there is another man, John, to whom she was obviously starting to feel sympathy, it can only strengthen her intention to marry him and reign with him (because it is one of Targaryen incest is hardly going to inspire her disgust).

On the other hand, John can unsettle the incest, and the lies that defined the existential crisis of his life. We also know that he is not a big fan of power and ruled only because he was asked by the people, and not for its own claims. But John is a man of duty, and if he believes that his duty to claim the throne, he may do so.

Whatever happens, it will be VERY interesting.

And when Sam will finally listen to Jilly?