“Ukrpochta” has sharply raised the tariff for delivery of print media: what this means

The Ukrainian press publishers are sounding the alarm: “Ukrpochta” plans from 1 July to raise the cost of their services for delivery of printed materials by more than 50%. This sudden increase may adversely affect the operation of all print publications in Ukraine, and the readers risk being left without their favorite Newspapers and magazines. The publishers have already turned to the Cabinet with a letter that the tariff increase was implemented gradually and deliberately.

In “Ukrposhta” decided to raise tariffs on a range of services from mid-summer of this year. Officials of this enterprise informed the publishers that shipping rates of the print media will increase by over 50%. Also expect to raise prices and for the issue of postal orders, which directly affects the cost of delivery of Newspapers to readers. How to raise the tariff, the company has not yet spoken. In “Ukrpochta” only to explain that the increase in tariffs is associated with increasing the minimum wage in the country.

“The decision to increase tariffs on the delivery of print media I would call an emergency, an ill-conceived and chaotic. This will entail rise in price of the press, said, “Today,” Alexei Pogorelov, General Director of Ukrainian Association of media business (WMB). — No one held a preparatory work with publishers, not calculated the possible risks and compensation. Publishers just put before the fact. The new tariffs have not yet discussed and not yet approved, and are pending in the Ministry of Infrastructure. But the territorial branches of “Ukrpochta” are already required by the publishers to urgently provide prices for subscription editions for the second half of 2017, as a month shared Directory under subscription on the press, shall be printed and distributed to all liaison offices. But, not knowing thoroughly all tariffs, publishers simply will not be able to do it, which ties the hands of all the marketing companies. They can’t calculate the real value of the products subject to excessive tariffs from “Ukrposhta”. In other words, it jeopardises the entire campaign for subscription”.

At the post office. They say that the service is expensive due to the increase of the minimal wage. Photo: S. Nikolaev

According to Pogorelov, the economic crisis in Ukraine, a sharp increase in the cost of services from the monopoly press do not extend to the majority of the population. “It is not a guarantee that the quality of the delivery of the press will be better after the increase in tariffs. The publishers have appealed to the Cabinet of Ministers with a request to postpone a possible rise in price. It is reasonable to draw step by step, calculate all possible risks for members. As an option — with the beginning of next year,” — said Pogorelov.

In “Ukrpochta” has assured us that they will listen to all offers from publishers and give reasoned answers. However, these slogans about the readiness to dialogue and the intention to improve the quality of services publishers can hear more than one year, but the real action as there was no and no.