“On “flirting” with Russia can become the President of the United States, but to be a President for “flirting” problematic”.

The United States will attempt to find common ground with Russia on various issues of cooperation. But how the new Administration will consider cooperation with Russia is unacceptable for Ukraine and U.S. allies in Europe – the big question. Comments about this “Segodnya” said the Director of the Institute of world policy Alyona Hetmanczuk.

“There will certainly be negotiations with Russia, there will be attempts by the new US Administration to find common ground with the Kremlin and with Putin about where they can collaborate, and they talk about this quite openly. There are no conspiracy theories. Moreover, to cooperate with Russia on important issues – these conversations were also in the Obama Administration. There is nothing radically new. How the new Administration will consider cooperation with Russia is unacceptable for Ukraine and U.S. allies in Europe terms, is still a big question. The fighting positions are still ongoing in the Administration, in the American political discourse. Here of course a lot depends on Ukraine, and what position we will leave whether we will be able to articulate their “red lines” on the one hand, and with another – to show that we are constructive. We need to explain and communicate the new Administration why support for Ukraine’s States best the States themselves. If we are able to explain it, obviously there will be less chance that at the expense of the interests of Ukraine will host such a big “oborotka”, – said Alain Getmanchuk.

As for the candidate to head the state Department’s Rex Tillerson, who at a hearing of the Senate condemned the annexation of Crimea to Russia and said that the actions of States towards Russia would have to be tougher, he remains more a businessman than a diplomat, he said.

“We don’t understand how he would say things that relate to Russia in order to be appointed to this post, because we know the mood in Congress and in the Senate. Most senators, regardless of party affiliation condemn Russia’s actions. So far as the statements that have been voiced, will be the basis of its subsequent policy towards Russia is also a question. On sanctions, he still remains more a businessman than a diplomat. It is obvious that he has not held a rethinking of this issue, judging by yesterday’s statements. It is obvious that he is guided by the fact that sanctions hurt business relations, that is, he is considering sanctions through the prism of business contacts between the countries, not as deterrent against the aggressor,” – said the Director of the world policy Institute.

But, according to Alena Hetmanczuk, conflict of interests in the Administration of the President and the American political discourse continues. “Tillerson recognized Russia as a threat, it is an achievement because it is the first step in order to develop an adequate response. But again, this does not guarantee that such actions will be developed and implemented. In General to summarize and hearings on Tillerson, press conference of Donald trump, and recent statements by members of the new US Administration, we see that the struggle continues in the Administration in positions among the members of the new Administration on various issues. I don’t think there’s any clearly-defined policy or against Russia, or in Ukraine. And then I think Tillerson said truthfully that there is no such policy. Congress and the Senate remain a very important Pro-Ukrainian voice and an important deterrent. Yesterday we have seen that it is possible to “flirt” with Russia to become a US President, but being President of the United States on “flirting” with Russia will be problematic. Moreover, to become Secretary of state, as demonstrated by yesterday’s hearing on “flirting” or friendship with Russia is almost impossible,” – summed up Hetmanczuk.

Recall that during the Senate hearing Rex Tillerson recognized the Russian threat. He also said that Russia invaded Ukraine, annexed Crimea and supports those Syrian forces which flagrantly violate the laws of war.

Tillerson, a former head of the oil and gas Corporation Exxon Mobil, knight of the Russian order of Friendship, awarded personally by Vladimir Putin, worked for many years with Russia and advocated the abolition of sanctions.