Geopolitics is not a joke

Still no final certainty, what type of missile was launched by North Korea if we are talking about an Intercontinental missile, the United States has become the target of a potentially nuclear weapons. But even if it is not, and Pyongyang is exaggerating the threat does not change the essence. The greater the superiority will achieve Korean leader, the more difficult will be the negotiations. Today the situation seems quite dangerous.

North Korea is a growing threat, and the world is again on the brink of a cold war that could escalate into a nuclear. This is the situation long before the arrival of Donald trump to power, but the new President has greatly contributed to its deterioration. As a result of 4 July, he received a gift in the form of a nuclear threat to the American continent, which requires a consistent geo-strategic policy. However, today the White house is such a luxury does not have: the mind of a President trump — with the exception of its successful and not very successful tweets — nobody knows. There is hardly authoritative theorists to whom will listen, the owner of the Oval office, and even the Pentagon seems to be lost in the current flow of events. Worse, the approach of the new administration to China and Russia is very poorly laid out, and the negative consequences of this today’s impact on the United States. Trump begins to realize that the real world is incompatible with the superficial politics of empty slogans. It is unwise to threaten China of an open trade war, when support of Beijing need to address a number of issues, including North Korea. And you can’t expect other Putin will solve other people’s problems, especially when Moscow is that Americans are busy Korean threat.

It is possible that the autocratic model of the President of the United States will work domestically, despite successive failures in political governance. However, at the geostrategic level, it is more than obvious that the political lack of discipline puts into question the role that America plays in the world. Even when American leaders could not boast of diplomatic successes and showed weakness in foreign Affairs, the United States has maintained its power and influence due to the fact that the administration could always count on the support of elites — exceptional professionals who are educated in the best universities of the world.

Political clique trump is associated with the world of business, not of intellectuals, and the negative effects of these changes can be clearly seen today. The Americans still have to pay for this President’s high price.