Russian expert: Vietnam should play a pivotal role in the politics of Russia’s pivot to Asia

Assessing the importance of the official visit to Russia of the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Tran Dai Quang in the development of bilateral relations, Anna Kireeva in an interview with Vietnam Plus said that this visit is extremely important.

“The visit of President of Vietnam to Russia is really very important for us because it will allow to develop agreements that were reached before. And it is crucial that Russia and Vietnam have confirmed their interest in cooperation on international issues we have similar positions on global and regional international political issues and there are no serious disagreements. For Russia it is important to improve the economic component of relations, and trade relations and investment partnership, and scientific and technical cooperation, to fully realize the potential of comprehensive strategic Russian-Vietnamese partnership, which was announced in 2001,” said Anna Kireeva.

The Russian expert also expressed the opinion that the parties should implement joint projects, not only in industry but also in ICT sector, high technologies, the capacity of which is practically not exposed between Russia and Vietnam.

“Vietnam as one of the fastest growing economies of Asia, which is now necessary to make a qualitative leap in innovation and go to a higher category in the value chains. In this area Russia has the potential, Vietnam and Russia could implement joint projects. In this regard, our investment partnership is significant for both countries… Now it is imperative to have a first draft, and we look forward to the visit of the first results,” — said the Russian expert.

Vietnam has a key role in the politics of Russia’s pivot to Asia

According to Anna Kireeva, East Asia to Russia is, first and foremost, a strategic region in which it wants to strengthen its presence. “Russia is interested in becoming part of the dynamic Asia-Pacific region and diversify its external economic relations by the priority of development with East Asian countries,” said Anna Kireeva.

Among other partners in the region, “Vietnam is a strategically most important for Russia in South-East Asia. The zone of free trade with Vietnam, which became the first such project of the EEU is regarded as a first step towards the inclusion of Russia in the integration processes in East Asia.”


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Russia, according to experts, is promoting a vision of the necessity of creating a collective regional security architecture in East Asia, supporting a multipolar regional order. “In this Russia the most important, ASEAN, and Russia supports the leading role of the grouping in the regional architecture. Here support Vietnam to Russia is of great importance, that Vietnam is evaluated as a key strategic partner in Southeast Asia”, — has confirmed Anna Kireeva.

“For Russia is also extremely important cooperation with Vietnam in the field of security to stabilize the region. Russia wants to increase its presence in East Asia, to become part of this space and receive incentives for their development and to contribute to the development and security of the region. And Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies of the region, so the country has a key role in the politics of Russia’s pivot to Asia,” said associate Professor Anna Kireeva.


Anna Kireeva, Vice — Dean of the faculty of political science MGIMO, associate Professor of Oriental studies.