Ukrainians are conquering the world: in the United States is leading universities in Germany, the orchestras, and in Canada – Ministry of foreign Affairs

Talented people of our country continue to surprise the world. So, this week the ethnic Ukrainian Chrystia Freeland became Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada. “Today” has collected Ukrainians who have distinguished themselves in other countries.

On the appointment of Freeland said the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. The news immediately became the top in Ukraine. “I am proud of and supported,” wrote President Petro Poroshenko in his Twitter. From the official biography of politics knows that Freeland was born in Canada, the family lawyer Donald Friend and Ukrainian origin Galina Hamster. Previously, she held the position of Minister of international trade of Canada, member of the Liberal party. And she started her journalistic career in Ukraine, a freelance correspondent for the Financial Times and The Washington Post. And in 2015 became famous as a writer, published a book “My country and the big lie Putin.”

OTHER. Chrystia Freeland is not the only politician-Ukrainian in Canada, where our Diaspora is one of the largest in the world. For example, the canadian opposition led by the Ukrainian Rona Ambrose (maiden name — Chepchuk), who served as health Minister in the previous government. And as Minister of labour in 2015 appointed Ukrainian origin Mary Ann Mihychuk. Also get the Ukrainians and honorary positions in the defense sector. So, July 14, to lead the army of Canada appointed Lieutenant General Paul winnick, who is the grandson of Ukrainian immigrants from the city of Stryi in the Lviv region.

But, besides the Canadians, among the famous and notable Ukrainians today — Steve Wozniak, who with Steve jobs founded Apple, co-founder of the world PayPal Maxim Levchin and many others.

Plays Ukrainian music

Karabits: melody of Ukraine abroad

Virtuoso Kirill karabits has been called the most successful Ukrainian conductor abroad. A couple of years ago he even received the title of best in the world. At home Cyril first became famous leading the Symphony orchestra in the UK. And in December of 2016 karabits became the head of the oldest orchestra in Germany, which is famous for its 525-year history. 39-year-old Ukrainian nicknamed the lover of experiments for what he brings to the repertoire of the little-known Eastern European orchestra music. Being the son of a Ukrainian composer Ivan karabits, Kirill often chooses to concerts of native music. “I decided to play the Ukrainian music. If we understand who we are, it is easier to tell the Europeans,” — said the conductor. Don’t forget karabits and to be in Ukraine: in 2015, the conductor gave a concert in the Lviv Opera and came on vacation to Kiev.

Famous art critic

Kuzma: Dean of the school of Yale

Immigrants from Ukraine surprised the world in the field of education. For example, in 2016 the Dean of the school of arts at Yale University was headed by the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants Marta Kuzma. A native of Western Ukraine was the mother of Kuzma, but she was born in the United States. Kuzma was named the first woman who became the head of this old school is more than 150 years the educational institution was led by men only. To this famous art Kuzma was rector of the Royal Institute of art in Stockholm (Sweden), supervised by the Office of art in Oslo (Norway), as well as the work of the Kiev Center for arts Soros. Shared her work experience in the universities of the world of art is more than 25 years!

The President of Yale University Peter Salowey convinced that Martha is able to inspire students and develop a unique vision of the Yale school of art.

Judged the world Championships in Canada. Getty Images/Fotobank

Catherine Mosul: the best in the world

Catherine Monsul first Ukrainian female referee of category “elite”. Judged the final of the women’s Champions League and the world Cup final. In 2015 was recognized as the best referee in the world. Before his debut in the men’s championship of Ukraine received from the captains of the bouquets red and white roses. And later removed the captain, who gave red.

In the US, Paul became Paul. Photo Facebook

Paul Eremenko: TOP techie at Airbus

Since July of last year, the Ukrainian Paul Eremenko is the technical Director of the Airbus Group — the world’s largest industrial aerospace Corporation. Paul was born in Lviv in the family of a Ukrainian mathematician, but at 13 years emigrated with his parents to the United States. Worked at Google and a research Agency of one of the divisions of the Pentagon.