Review the most fashionable trends of the modern interior: ethnic and Scandinavian austerity

Stylish apartment in the representation of the modern Ukrainian is a rich and expensive gold and carved mahogany, and calmly, thoughtfully and functionally. Today it is everyone can afford. After all, to create a practical and trendy interior, not necessarily to buy furniture in Italian showrooms, the rich interior design boutiques, or order from catalogs. Tiles may not be Spanish, but domestic, not artistic parquet, inlaid, and parquet. Light in a simple copper lampshade. And get rid of the old grandmother’s chest of drawers is not necessary — it is perfectly fit in one of the fashionable today, modern styles. How to do the interior of his apartment on the latest design trends and what styles are best to choose for your apartment, we were told the designer-decorator Katherine Sanin, architect-designer Victoria Krukovets and interior designers Bulgarians Irina, Oksana and Oksana pokanevych Turchin.


Naturalness, simplicity and harmony are the basis of style, which became popular a few years ago. He fills the honeycomb of urban nature, good for romantics with a tent, forced to live in the city. Style involves national motives, which are supported by untreated wood or moss. It can be written as the spacious new building, and Khrushchev. The main thing — do not overdo it and not to turn the apartment into a tent.

FINISH: plastered or painted walls or simple, without gilding and textile Wallpaper. Open bleached walls will combine well with natural flooring. Parquet flooring in kitchen ceramic tiles in warm colors will create the necessary for the eco atmosphere.

FURNITURE: simple, natural materials, shown, wood and textiles. Craftsmen offer an original collection of wood and metal, perfect for ethnic. Large wide piece of wood, sanded and varnished the table. Put it on the pillow, with embroidered national pattern, and turn it into a trendy Ottoman.

DECOR: stable moss — compulsory decor in echointeger. Photos of landscapes, driftwood, deadwood, and natural, a little coarse textiles.

Easy. Simple forms, natural materials, open spaces, light shade.

Nature. The more the decor of wood and plants, the better.

Fashionable — stabilized moss.


Grandma’s chest close to the heart of paintings from different eras, crochet doilies — this comfort looks great in the interior in contemporary now vintage style. It is suitable for couch potatoes, valuing the past and family values of generations. Vintage and decorative style requires a lot of items that are perfect for country houses. For Stalin and apartments with high ceilings and large Windows. In a small apartment with him to be more careful to not ruffle the ousted tenants.

FINISH: Wallpaper cute flowers warm shades with piping and ceiling coving. Parquet, albeit shabby, or warm shades of laminate, which covers slightly waterside carpet. This style allows ceiling rosettes and moldings in finish.

FURNITURE: beaten by shashel dressing table or an antique dresser, a soft deep seat, high bed with an ornate headboard. Vintage style accept a mixture of furniture — as long as it was not a strong form of functionalism or the correct proportions of minimalism. In the kitchen, let the set of completely different chairs are also now in fashion.

DECOR: pictures in carved frames, statues of animals and angels, crocheted napkins, cozy trinkets from a flea market in huge quantities will create the perfect vintage.

Decor. Flowers and ruffles, curtains and tablecloth, teapots and cups.

Mix. Furniture from different eras.

Comfort. Cute coloring.


Elegant, quite expensive, exquisite restraint in the interior, is often called a modern classic. This is the style of a large apartment, which combines comfort and austerity, without the vivid personality of the owner. He’s good for top-managers and those for whom the apartment — a sign of status, like an expensive suit or car. Most often, this style is found in new apartments in modern LCD. Open layout, large spaces, odd-shaped room. It will be nice and spacious apartments — but no frills you can create and model apartments in the buildings of the last century, but will have to change the layout.

FINISH: Wallpaper the latest collections, without colors and patterns, or painted a good paint, with dedicated one or two accent walls of a different color or other Wallpaper. Well one wall to decorate, for example, a laminate. In this case, it is a continuation of the floor (transition planes is very welcome).

FURNITURE: a concise and comfortable, transmitting the trends of design exhibitions. No sideboards and slides. Ergonomic sofa, coffee-table and a dressing room or wardrobe.

DECOR: more large photo Mat or simply frames, expensive Souvenirs from different countries and the collection of masters — from seeds to cigars.
Industrial came from the abandoned shops of the USA and England loft for several years dominates in interior design. Its penthouses and dormitory, offices and restaurants, gyms and beauty salons. Residential interior design it is often chosen by men who value style and comfort. Not burdened by details, he assumes open space with large Windows and urban asceticism. The loft allows you to not be neat, like Smoking, and throwing cans of beer: they become decorations.

FINISH: decorative concrete, exposed brick walls, ceilings-floors, which are laid wiring. On the floor can be poured floors and tiles or rough wooden Board.

FURNITURE: a low comfortable soft bean bags and mattresses on the podium as an alternative to beds.

Concrete. On the ceiling or the wall — a mandatory attribute of the loft.

Finish. Floor goes into the wall.

White. One of the characteristic colors of modern style.

Function. Work area in the bedroom.

Decor. Contemporary art.


Functional practicality fit for modern pragmatists, who prefer stylish, cool, great interiors, comfort, ruffles. This style is good for apartment, dormitory and new building with open planning. In very large spaces it can be a little cold. Since it was brought to us by young Ukrainian designers with exhibitions in Scandinavia (Netherlands, Sweden), he comes to the generation of young people, not burdened with Souvenirs and fears of being different.

FINISH: painted in a bright (white, blue, green) walls. The Wallpapers in this style if there is, it is light and inconspicuous. Outdoor parquet and tiles in areas with high load.

FURNITURE: rough enough simple shapes of the bed and sofa made of natural wood, without carving and other decorations. The Scandinavians — the people of harsh, so the style is simple and natural natural.

DECOR: photos in simple frames or passe-partout, a few bright textile accents (pillows, blankets, carpet on the floor) and modern, metal chandeliers and lamps. Large candle no frills create comfort.

Accents. Dominant white important accents that creates a style.

Function. Wardrobe storage.

Zoning. Working area by the window.

Clarity. The simple shapes of the furniture — a tribute to the Northern asceticism.