The Europeans literally “drunk to death” – Bloomberg

The predilection of Europeans for alcohol threatens them increased risk of developing several types of cancer, says Bloomberg, citing data from the organization of United European Gastroenterology.

Europe has the highest alcohol consumption per capita: the average European, according to the who, drinking of 11.2 litres of alcohol per year. The Americans and Africans, for example, drink 20% and two times less alcohol, respectively. One in five Europeans over 15 years old gets drunk at least once a week.

The palm on alcohol consumption in Europe from 18.2 gallons per capita per year is Lithuania. In comparison with Lithuanians, Americans consume two times less alcohol — practically non-drinkers, the author notes.

Although the consumption of alcohol by Europeans as a whole does not go beyond moderate, it is enough to increase the risk of cancer of the stomach and intestines, according to doctors.

“Carcinogenic effects of alcohol primarily affects the gastrointestinal tract. By and large, alcohol consumption in any quantities leads to risk”, — said the head of the British society of gastroenterology Richard Gardner.

In 2014, the who concluded that around a quarter of deaths from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract associated with alcohol. According to the organization, the number of cases of cancer in 2030 will reach 22 million, reminds Bloomberg.