Carnival 2017: customs and traditions of the holiday

Maslenitsa is a traditional Slavic holiday celebrated during the week before lent. In 2017, the pancake week begins today, February 20, and runs until Sunday, February 26.

Immediately thereafter on Monday, February 27, the start of lent.

Pancake week

The whole week is divided into two periods: Narrow Carnival – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the General Carnival – Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In the first three days it was possible to engage in economic work, and from Thursday all the work was stopped. Each day of Maslenitsa had its own name and purpose.

Monday — meeting

This was the day of the start of a Narrow carnival. Traditionally in the morning the father-in-law sent the daughter-in-law to father and mother, and in the evening they came to the in-laws for a visit and discussed the time and place of festivals, we determined the composition of the guests.

This day started pancakes, and finished the construction of the snowy mountains, swings, booths.

It is noted that the first pancake baked on Monday were given to the poor in remembrance of the dead.

In addition, on Monday of straw, old clothes and other scrap materials constructed the effigy of carnival, which was placed on a stake and drove in sledges through the streets.

Tuesday — zaigryshi

This was the day of the bride-show. All Shrovetide rites, in fact, reduced to matchmaking, so that after lent to get married. In the morning the young people were invited to ride the mountains, to eat pancakes. They called friends and family.

Wednesday — gourmand

Traditionally on this day the son-in-law came to the mother on the pancakes that she baked. On this day, mother-in-law showed affection for the husband of his daughter.

Thursday — revelry

From that day on Broad Pancake week began, when all household work was stopped, and the celebration unfolded to its full width.

The people indulged in all sorts of fun, arranged horseback riding, fights, various competitions, which resulted in the noisy revels.

The main action on Thursday was the storm and the further capture of the snow town. Thursday broader sense, as the entire carnival — splash accumulated over the winter negative energy and resolution of various conflicts between people.

Friday — Teschin evening

On this day, a return visit to mother-in-law came to visit son-in-law. The pancakes on this day made daughter wife son-in-law. Mother-in-law came to visit with their relatives and friends. Son-in-law had to show his affection for his mother and her family.

Saturday — zolovkina gatherings

The young daughter was invited to his sisters-in-law and other relatives of the husband. If sister-in-law was not married, the daughter-in-law invited my single friends, if her husband’s sisters were already married, the daughter-in-law’s name was her married relatives.

On this day, the Church serves the celebration of the Sobor of all the Reverend fathers.

Sunday — farewell

This day was the culmination of the whole pancake week. Sunday was the eve before the beginning of lent. All close people asked each other’s forgiveness for all incurred during the year of trouble and resentment.

On the evening of forgiveness Sunday commemorated the dead, went to the cemetery to say goodbye to their relatives.

Scraps of food burned, the dishes were carefully washed. At the end of the feast was solemnly burnt the effigy of Maslenitsa, and the ashes scattered on the fields.