The hypocrisy of Russia’s strategy

Russian officials made statements about the termination of military coordination with the Americans in Syria. The aircraft of the international coalition led by the US continue to fly to the West of the Euphrates. And the American F-15 were even shot down a Syrian drone President Bashar al-Assad. Moscow was silent.

Russia turns a blind eye to what is happening not for the first time. But, when the Turkish F-16 shot down a Russian, Moscow has deployed its air defense system s-300 and s-400 in Syria, which closed not only the skies of Syria against cruise missiles, but also the airspace of the Middle East in General. Israel repeatedly violated Syrian airspace, causing the missile attacks on Damascus and beyond. Russia again announced the closure of the Syrian sky. Then the warring parties went to Astana, where Russia announced the closure of the sky of Syria West of the Euphrates from the American fighters. In response, Washington issued a 59 cruise missiles “Tomahawk” at the air base “Shirt” in Syria controlled by government forces of Assad. Moscow declared that this is the last time she allows them to penetrate Syrian airspace and once again made a statement about closing the skies of Syria. Later, an American F-18 fighter jet shot down a Syrian su-22.

It is known that the American fighters F-8 Hornet travel from the aircraft carrier “George Bush”, which is stationed in the Mediterranean sea, and this means that the Russian defence system able to track when American fighter jets sent from the sea to the West due to the Russian base of Tartus.

After the US shot down a Syrian su-22, Russia announced that it was last time. And the elimination of the Syrian Americans of the drone, Russia react with their usual submissive silence.

Russian hypocrisy is boundless. Moscow has promised to take action against US for violations of international law and Syrian sovereignty. But, it seems that Moscow has forgotten how occupied and annexed, belonging to Ukraine, the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, This was the biggest violation of international law in this century. And that Russia supported not only Assad, but also a handful of Russian allies, the losers.

Russia continues to lecture about sovereignty, international law and civil rights. And yet has not ceased to demonstrate its imaginary force the US and tries to act as leader of the international coalition in the middle East and around the world. And Russia doing missions from an airbase in Iran, pretending she established their military presence there. Iranian officials have accused Russia of lies and more Russian departure from the territory of Iran does not happen.

In addition, Moscow says tel Aviv that Assad her pocket, and she is able to expel the Pro-Iranian militias from Syria, especially from the South, without which Assad has no substantial power. But when the Assad Russia says not a word against Iran or against any of the militias fighting in Syria. This forced the Israelis to go to the Americans, hoping for their help in the expulsion of the Iranians from Syria, without prejudice to Assad.

Thus, it is obvious that Russia doesn’t control Assad’s forces and the Iranian militias in Syria, but follows them and tries to provide air cover in such a way as not to anger Israel and the United States. Often the Russian fighters bombed bakeries, hospitals and homes in Syria. And after the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov grumbles when I say that Russia has used Napalm bombs that destroyed Syria.

Russia has a serious military force, but however, she’s having a flashy presentation for the Syrians. Sometimes it brings serious trouble, sometimes winning, and sometimes hide, and pauses. The state of the economy is worse than Italian, its government is drowning in corruption, the population decreases, and its military power is not comparable to the US, making it the Syrian strategy of Russia’s strategy of hypocrisy.