How is healthcare reform in Ukraine

Prepare to madrepore is in full swing — the transition to insurance medicine plan later this year. On the website of the Ministry of health for public discussion, posted the bill, which creates a special body of the insurance and change the rules of financing of hospitals. After months of discussion, the document will submit to the Parliament. “Today” has analyzed the project and found out some medicine of Ukraine will be in the future.

HEALTH SERVICE. In particular, the Ministry of health offers this year to create a National health service (NHS), which will be managed by health insurance in the country. Every Ukrainian will conclude with a physician contract and will be eligible for free assistance from the guaranteed list from the Ministry of health. No capacilty of patches people will not take and all the services included in the list, will pay the state. And all procedures not included in the list, the person will have to pay myself.

Reform will start with primary care (General practitioners, family doctors and pediatricians) and emergency medicine. Among the main tasks of the NHS — the conclusion with hospitals contracts, for which the budget will be allocated money for patient care. How much money will go to a particular institution depends on the number of clients and number of provided services. In the Ministry explain: the Ukrainians will enter into contracts with doctors to get their medical care from a guaranteed package of medical services and the NHS, at the end of the month to discuss the hospital the necessary amount. Recall that one of the doctor under the new rules may be no more than two thousand patients, and each budget will allocate about 270-300 UAH per year. However, the NHS will annually review the tariff, based on the state budget and provided in the past services. And since 2019 it will be the only budget the money, which will be able to claim hospital.

WILL NOT WORK. Also the NSA will monitor the quality of services and to analyze where and what is popular. At the same time contracts with unscrupulous hospitals, which will require additional funds, patients, and terminated the facility will not receive state funds.

As noted by the medical examiner RPR Alexander Yabchenko money for payment of garatachea hospitals should be enough: “the financing of clean rooms in hospitals, they are heating the correct operation of those outlets will fall on the shoulders of local authorities”. The analysts also doubt that BP has the votes for this bill. “Why do I need to create a separate body? These functions can be performed by the Ministry. But the creation of this service will allow you to blur the responsibilities that would entail corruption risks”, — said political analyst Ruslan Bortnik.

Grantmaker: cancer and pregnancy

The list of services included in the package of guaranteed medical care, consists of 20 points. This list includes the provision of emergency medical care and physician supervision for patients with socially dangerous diseases (tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis). Also internists and family doctors will monitor patients with mental disorders and uncomplicated pregnancy. For free they will talk about the national vaccination programmes and screening tests.

If to speak about services for the budget money every Ukrainian will be available a number of analyses can be checked for diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, cervical cancer and breast cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer. Also in the list of the Ministry of health are the main blood tests (calcium, glucose, cholesterol, and hepatic and biliary enzymes), urine and feces. Available will the Ukrainians well as electrocardiogram and chest x-rays. And still absolutely free will be given help and sick leave.