USA — whose ally?

To be a great leader and a great state, it is necessary to possess such qualities as intuition, foresight, insight. Exactly those characteristics that the United States failed to demonstrate in its policy in the middle East… No foresight, no deep feeling, no visions or strong and penetrating positions. The policy of the Obama administration in the middle East is controversial from all points of view.

Because of the chaos and instability of Iraq was on the verge of collapse; Syria comes into intractable chaos.


The insistence of the US on al-Maliki (Maliki) turned Iran into a more influential player in Iraq and in Syria. To ensure the integrity of Iraq with the help of a fanatical, intolerant, mezhebitsky concept was difficult, and the perseverance on such a figure and such a policy, which has other attachments, would inevitably lead the country to the brink. As a result, such a problem as DAASH (ISIL, a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.), which, like a cancer, was overcome not only Iraq but also Syria. And through the open door of the country to which the United States is not considered friendly. Each stroke only increased the influence of other forces.


Another mistake in the region was the fact that the act they were stepping on the leg of their old friends like Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Instead of their eternal friends, they tried to find a new unknown allies.

Just imagine such a huge country like the United States, to develop relations with the terrorist organization, which is a continuation of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK), Party of Democratic Union (PYD), and it is for this scale assesses the future of the region.

The insistence of the US on al-Maliki paved the way to Iran, and the PYD — Russia.

Obviously, the U.S. does not fully understand the value, the importance which gives them a Turkey, and not projecting my relationship on this basis. However, understanding this value, the administration would have seen that these relations are measured not only Syria and Iraq. Relations between Turkey and the US rely on them stretching deep into the history of cooperation in many regions, from NATO to Afghanistan, from Africa to the Balkans, from the G20 to the Turkish Cypriot republics.

Our relationship with the United States may not imply such a trade turnover with Russia should not be assumed based on energy, large amount of investment and trading activities in various spheres, especially in tourism. But the United States, perhaps more than other countries has influenced the process of major transformations that occurred in the period after the Republic of Turkey moved to multi-party life in this special are our relations in the military-political Union.

When the US look like they say in Turkey: “another Stay, I will cooperate with your enemy PYD” it doesn’t hold water.

The US administration should closely examine the rise of anti-Americanism in Turkey and the region.

If the Turkish people believes that the coup attempt in Turkey are some associated with US organization, the main person responsible Gulen (Gülen) is not subject to extradition to Turkey, it is impossible to expect that it will not make people negative feelings.

If the main enemy of Turkey, the PKK when she provided support for attacks on Turkey from Syria and Iraq, and contributes to scenarios aimed at partition of Turkey, or the seizure of territories, it is obvious the people will not welcome it.

With some vision and projection are the United States, I don’t know, but until now, this manner of action has not brought any benefit to the region, either to themselves… I Hope that the new President trump would put an end to this oddity and will pursue a policy of respecting relations with their old allies.

Turkey wants from US a bit, from a friend she wants to see friendship.